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The Danger Beast Dose (危険種の用量, Kikenshu no Yōryō ) is a serum created by Dr. Stylish as a second Trump Card cornered by his enemies. Allows the user to turn into a giant Danger Beast.

Dosis de Bestia Peligrosa

The dose packed on the syringe


  • The serum is a red, Drug-like liquid that can be packaged in a syringe. This apparently works by injecting it into the left arm. Once the dose is injected, the user's body will begin to grow lumps, growing into a 20-foot-tall humanoid Danger Beast shaped like a headless, muscular torso. The user will keep his human body glued to the beast's head where the user can control them like a robot. It can have a mouth on its abdomen (in Dr. Stylish's case). If the user has hair, it may will turn long and spiky, and their body will gain an increase in muscle mass. It can be deduced on a incomplete version, with having no legs and is covered in a mass that would only gain by absorbing human flesh.
  • When Dr. Stylish devoured his henchmen, his Danger Beast body evolved into a more powerful form. The creature grows to a gigantic size (rising about 100 feet that looks above the forest where Night Raid's headquarters was located) and taking the form of a mannequin with an armored body, and the user's body now is in the beast's forehead which will have a large, glass-like helmet with the serum liquid and long, syringe-tipped antennas.
  • In this state, the user can gains immense physical strength, being able to surpass Susanoo in his standard form and to withstand a direct energy cannon from Pumpkin's shot.