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The Danger Beast Dose (危険種の用量, Kikenshu no Yōryō ) is a serum created by Dr. Stylish as a second Trump Card cornered by his enemies. Allows the user to turn into a giant Danger Beast.

The dose packed on the syringe.


  • The serum is a red Drug-like liquid that can be packaged in a syringe. This apparently work by injecting into the left arm.
  • Once the dose is injected, the user's body will begin to grow lumps, growing into a 20 foot tall humanoid Danger Beast shaped like a headless muscular torso. The user will keep his human body glued to the beast's head where the user can controlls them like a robot, it can have an mouth on his abdomen, in Dr. Stylish's case, his hair will turn long and spiky, and his body you will gain muscles. It can be deduced on a incomplete version, with having no legs and is covered in a mass that would only gain by absorbing human flesh.
  • When Dr. Stylish devoured his henchmen, his Danger Beast body evolved into a more powerful form. The creature grows to a gigantic size (rising about 100 foot that looks above the forest where the Night Raid's headquarters was located) and taking the form of a mannequin with a armored body, the user's body now is in the beast's forehead's his head have an large glass-like helmet with the serum liquid and long syringe-tipped antennas.
  • In this state, the user can gains immense physical strength, being able topass Susanoo in his standard form and to withstand a direct energy cannon from Pumpkin's shot.