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It was first mentioned in chapter 22. It was later mentioned again in chapter 68. It has been used to tame the Flying Death.

After the battle against Dr. StylishNight Raid arrived at its new base on the back of an Air Manta at the service of the Revolutionary Army. When they arrived on land, Tatsumi suggested that they use the Danger Beasts to infiltrate the Capital from the air. Akame, however, told him to discard such an idea, because the sky of the Capital was populated by Danger Beasts with the ability to fly that were being controlled by a Teigu.

Later, when the Revolutionary Army began its final assault to overthrow the Empire, they brought with them their own army of dangerous beasts to bring down the walls of the Capital. However, Esdeath, seeing the danger they represented, gave the order to summon the Flying Beasts. Once the signal was given, they appeared and confronted the Rebel's Danger Beasts, generating a fierce battle among the creatures.