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Dangan was a member of the Sabatini Show troupe which worked undercover for the Revolutionary Army.


Dangan was a bald, tall and muscular young man who wore a skin-tight vest that revealed his stomach and loose-fitting, light-colored pants, as well as a simple necklace.


Dangan seemed to have a practical way of thinking, as he wanted to find the means to "use" Akame and Tsukushi's skills in the best way. He tended to act dramatically, even over casual things like getting motion sickness and was not above scaring his fellow troupe member Natalia after she called him "pathetic". However, he still fought against enemies bravely alongside the other troupe members without hesitation.


Dangan worked as a traveling performer along with his troupe while also gathering evidence against the Empire for the Revolutionary Army. One day, the troupe picked up Akame and Tsukushi, who started working as part of their show and proved to be successful. A month later, the troupe was attacked by the Bandits of the Shiranami Mountains during their travels, and after Akame and Tsukushi skillfully dealt with the enemies, Sabatini revealed his group's true purpose to the girls. However, as he offered them to join their cause, a fight broke out as the two revealed themselves to be the Empire's assassins. He attacked Akame after she killed Natalia, but was quickly slain by her.


Dangan was shown to wield a spear-like weapon.