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Daidara was a member of Esdeath's former bodyguards known as the Three Beasts.


Daidara was a man of large muscular build with long, spiky blond hair and pure white, pupil-less eyes. He wore a headdress similar to horns and the same uniform as his team-mates'.


Daidara was a battle fanatic who would fight anyone who seemed strong, and constantly took every opportunity to improve himself when he could, referring to this process as "getting experience points". Despite this, he seemed to not be completely amoral as he called Nyau's habit of skinning faces of his enemies "disgusting".


He was first introduced attacking and assassinating the former Prime Minister, Chouri, together with his team-mates Liver and Nyau although he was disgusted when he saw the latter skinning off Spear's face. Prior to meeting Esdeath, Daidara aimed to be the strongest. During a journey to train in martial arts, he ran into the general who defeated him in one on one combat. After his defeat, he was inspired by her prowess and agreed to serve under her. Although, Daidara swore his undying loyalty to Esdeath, he didn't give up on his pathway to strength. Later, they were ordered by Esdeath to assassinate another political rival on a cruise ship. There they encountered Tatsumi and Bulat. He fought Tatsumi and overwhelmed him until Bulat showed up and defeated him easily, cutting him in half.

Equipment and Skills[]

Daidara wielded the Teigu Double-Bladed Axe: Belvaac, which required considerable physical strength to use.


  • Daidara's name comes from Daidarabotchi, a giant from Japanese mythology.