Akame Ga Kill! Wiki

Elite Seven[]

Guy: Cornelia was aware that Guy was in love with her and turned down his offer to be his girlfriend several times. However, while she didn't return his feelings and disliked his perverted habits, she cared for him as a comrade. Cornelia's death severely affected Guy, who swore to kill the Oarburghs and work double as hard in her memory. He also gathered flowers for her grave and cried to cope with her death.

Akame: Cornelia's caring personality was appreciated by Akame, who called her "Corey". She acted like a big sister towards Akame and was also more interested in Green's crush on Akame than Akame herself. When Cornelia died, Akame was very distraught by her death and even cried openly. She also avenged Cornelia's death by killing Taeko.

Tsukushi: Cornelia and Tsukushi are seen gathering herbs together and seem to get along well. They also both have kind and caring personalities. Cornelia acts like a big sister towards Tsukushi, who calls her "Corey". After Cornelia's death, Tsukushi tries to comfort Guy and later bathes with Akame to cope with her death.

Poney: Cornelia and Poney don't interact often, but Cornelia cares about her and acted like a big sister towards her. Poney also called her "Corey" and wanted to defeat her in hand-to-hand combat. Poney coped with her death by training.

Najasho: Cornelia and Najasho don't interact often, but Najasho seemed to respect her opinion as he told Akame to let him and Cornelia worry about difficult questions. After she died, Najasho coped with her death by training.

Green: Cornelia and Green don't interact much. While she cares for him as a comrade, she occasionally finds him to be weird, such as when he unknowningly revelead his armpit fetish.

Gozuki: Cornelia seemed to greatly respect and love Gozuki. She also called him "daddy". She was so attached to him that her first target, selected to be difficult, was a man who physically resembled him. Gozuki cared for her as well and noted that she was a good kid and her death was a little heartbreaking.

Revolutionary Army[]

Taeko: Cornelia and Taeko took a liking to each other and soon became friends. However, their friendship was short lived because Taeko was ordered to kill the Elite Seven. Cornelia was lured away and killed by her after a fierce battle. After Taeko killed Cornelia, she hoped that they would be on the same side the next time they met.