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Cornelia was a member of the Empire's assassination group, the Elite Seven, appearing in the prequel manga series, Akame ga Kill! Zero. She was sometimes also referred to as Cora.


Cornelia was a young girl with long, blonde hair and blue eyes. She wore a long, white shirt with black pants and shoes. She also wore silver hoop earrings.


Cornelia is a sharp, cheerful and determined young woman, always calling Gozuki "Daddy" while everyone else called him "Father". After Cornelia's death, Akame referred to Cornelia as a person who always put others before herself and that if they stay and get ambushed, she will be sad if anyone else in the group dies. She was considered to be the "big sister" of the group. Cornelia has a soft spot for shipping. She also has a small complex about her height. Gozuki also stated that Cornelia is one of the most loyal members of the Elite seven.


Akame Ga Kill! Zero[]

Cornelia was one of the many children that were sold to the Empire. She was picked to be put through a test in order to select candidates for the Empire's assassins. She was ranked third among the candidates and got into the Elite Seven. Sometime before her first mission, Guy fell in love with Cornelia. However, she turned him down due to him being a womanizer.

Cornelia' death

Cornelia' death

After Taeko, Chelsea and Babara came to assassinate the Elite Seven, Cora, with other members of Elite Seven, killed Tengu Mercenaries while Oarburghs ran away to assess their situation and enemies before attacking.

While on a mission, she befriended Taeko by chance as neither of them were initially aware of each other's true identity. Taeko later learned of Cornelia's identity due to Babra's strong instincts and suspicion on Gozuki and ordered Chelsea to successfully perform a reconnaissance of tailing her and Guy when they delivered food to Najasho and Green confirming their identities. Later Taeko managed to successfully lure Cornelia to a deserted area in the mountains. There, she engaged in a deathmatch.

Despite initially having the advantage and the two later being evenly matched, Taeko would successfully defeat Cornelia after successfully destryoing her Shingu, Crushing King, after repeatedly targeting and hitting the same area of the Gauntlet. Breaking the Shingu and successfully cutting off Cornelia's dominant arm, before proceeding to slash her across her chest. Injured and disarmed, Cornelia bleed out as she called out for Gozuki, before attempting to plead for her life to Taeko. Taeko then proceeded to swiftly kill Cornelia and wishing that the next time they meet, it would be on the same side.

Taeko then killed Cornelia, hoping that next time they would be on the same side.

Akame Ga Kill![]

During the events of the main series, Akame would directly refer to Cornelia during her duel against Wave, where she makes use of the same tactic used by Taeko to destroy Cornelia's Crushing King in order to penetrate his armor, Grand Chariot.

Equipment and Skills[]

Cornelia was one of the top seven survivors of the Empire Cruel and Harsh survival test employed to select its assassins, showing Cornelia possessed immense natural born talent for combat that easily surpassed the average assassin.

Cornelia was thus then personally trained by Gozuki in various fields relating to assassination and as such displayed superhuman levels of speed, strength, stamina and endurance allowing her to easily overpower veteran soldiers and assassins during her first few missions in the field, despite her relative inexperience. And due to being trained by Gozuki in the Mountain Wilderness hunting Danger Beasts, Cornelia displayed superhuman levels of senses and instincts that allows her to easily detect when someone is spying or tracking her, as seen when she immediately detected Chelsea tailing her.

Cornelia like the other members of the Elite Seven is immune or resistant to most poisons due to being raised and trained in the mountain wilderness.

Hand-to-Hand Combat[]

Cornelia main form of combat employed during battle is using her bare fists in hand to hand battles, with her being ranked as the best bare handed fighter among the Elite Seven and exhibiting superhuman levels of physical strength in her punches in order to properly use her Shingu. Cornelia fully demonstrated her mastery over this field during her battle against Taeko. As she had managed to completely parry all of the latter's sword attacks using her bare hands.

Cornelia later reveals that Gozuki had also taught her a body manipulation technique where she could consciously detach her leg's joints in order to extend the reach of her kicks and reattach it once more by using her muscles.


Cornelia, much like the other members of the Elite Seven, was given a Shingu by Gozuki, the gauntlet Crushing King, that possessed the ability to greatly strengthen its user's physical strength that greatly magnified Cornelia's punching strength, allowing her to easily pierce and destroy average armors and shields made from common materials and destroy her targets' internal organs by simply punching them. Cornelia was even capable of creating a wind vortex by simply punching the air, allowing her to easily push her opponents back from long range via the created gush of air pressure. However, the weakness to this weapon is due to immense power boost provided by Crushing King. If the weapon is used improperly, the likely chance of severely damaging its user's own body is high.

Another weakness to the weapon is its durability; while it possess strong defensive power to be used as a shield to block most attacks, its armor can be broken if damage is continuously focused on a single spot.


  • Cornelia is often called "Cora" by the other members of the Elite Seven.