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Night Raid[]

Tatsumi: Although she hurt Tatsumi by criticizing the deaths of Bulat and Sheele in an attempt to make him a better killer, she slowly showed hints of romantic affection towards him as the story progressed as she occasionally enjoyed teasing him and blushed at one point when she realized that most of her attention was on him due to his kind nature. Her last thoughts were of him, indicating the depths of these feelings.

Leone: It seems that they had gotten to know each other quite well in such a short time and had taking a liking towards one other. There might be a chance that they had a comical relationship, seeing as how they teased Tatsumi by asking him who's swimsuit is better.

Susanoo: Both were new to Night Raid and had took a short while to get used to things and make friends with the other members. Even so, it was often rare for the two of them to talk with each other.

Mine: Chelsea teased Mine about how different their bust size were without shame. She would also trick Mine to get food from her with her Teigu " Gaea Foundation ". Mine partially avenged Chelsea by killing Seryu, whose Teigu devoured her remains. After her death, it seems that Mine at least thought of her as a comrade.