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Chelsea was one of the two new members that joined Najenda's Night Raid unit, along with Susanoo. She later died in the line of duty.


Chelsea had pale skin, auburn hair (light red in the anime), and red eyes (pink in the anime). She wore a butterfly headphone accessory on her head. She wore vocalist-like clothing consisting of a white, long-sleeve shirt with the collar tied with a red ribbon under a black vest, a red, checkered miniskirt, and black leather below-the-knee boots. She carried her Teigu, Gaea Foundation, wherever she went. She was almost always seen sucking on a lollipop.


Chelsea had a mischievous personality, but this may have been an act. She had a cold, calculating side which can often lead to her making a blunt (but accurate) analysis of a person or situation. In the end, she was shown to have good intentions and tried to help the Night Raid members to become more realistic, as she was shown to deeply care for them and didn't want to lose them like she lost her old team. She was shown to have a love for lollipops, as her Teigu was often filled with them, and she was usually shown having one in her mouth.



Chelsea after killing her employer

Chelsea worked under a cruel viceroy who took joy out of hunting people. Under this oppression, she started becoming nihilistic until she found Gaea Foundation, which had been stored away because no suitable owner could be found. Using the Teigu, she assassinated the viceroy, who was replaced with a kind and competent one. Realizing that she had caused a change with her Teigu, she ended up joining the Revolutionary Army.

At an unknown time, she came under the tutelage of Babara Oreburg and teamed up with Babara and her other disciple, Taeko was ordered to fight the Imperial Assassins for the Revolutionary Army. Her time with Babara and Taeko was short due to both of them being killed early by Gozuki and Akame, respectively, while Chelsea herself was captured by Gai's debt collector when impersonating him in an attempt to assist Taeko.

After the deaths of Taeko and Babara, Chelsea (with other members of the Oarburgh clan) arrived to eliminate the Elite Seven. Before the ambush on the Elite Seven, Chelsea went with Gilberda to spy on Merraid and a random girl. Merraid found out and she involved Gill and Chelsea into her orgy. Later, Cassandra joined them. Chelsea didn't want to do it, but she was powerless.

After the ambush on the Elite Seven, Chelsea told Merraid that she must go on the other mission. Merraid asks her to change into Natala, so Akame wouldn't release what happened to him. Then Chelsea left.

After the Elite Seven's raid on Oarburgh clan and the death of Merraid, it was rumored that Chelsea returned to the Revolutionary Army and joined Night Raid's 'Away' team, a separate team that covers up the original crew's other missions in different regions of the Empire. At the end of Chapter 54 of Akame ga Kill! Zero, Chelsea receives the info that Akame might end up joining Night Raid.

Team Stylish's Raid[]

Chelsea arrived with Najenda on a giant, flying Manta Ray as Dr. Stylish and his minions were attacking Night Raid's hideout. Later, she uses her Teigu's shape-shifting ability to play pranks on Mine, who she is often at odds with. She is the sole survivor of Night Raid's "Away" team, who were presumably attacked by the Three Beasts. She had returned from her mission to find that all her teammates had been killed. It is for this reason that she criticizes the deaths of Sheele and Bulat in front of the other members of Night Raid in order to make them better killers.

Kill the Jaegers Arc[]

During Night Raid's attack on the Jaegers, Chelsea disguises herself as a young girl. Bols enters the area, wounded from the self-destruct ability of Rubicante. After exchanging words, Chelsea reveals herself to be disguised as a victim of one of the villages Bols burned in the past, and makes a fatal stab to Bols' spinal column, killing him almost instantly. Chelsea then disguises herself as the deceased Bols and prepares to head to her next target: Kurome. After catching up to Kurome, Chelsea, still disguised as Bols, approaches Kurome. Kurome initially suspects nothing and is happy that "Bols" is still alive. Chelsea then takes the opportunity to hit Kurome's neck with a needle seemingly killing her. In the anime, Chelsea also retrieves Yatsufusa.

Chelsea death

Chelsea's death

After presumably having killed Kurome, Chelsea proceeded to leave and head back to HQ, only to have Kurome recover from her wound moments later. In an attempt to flee, Chelsea creates a smokescreen and tries to transform but before she can, Natala severs her left fingers with the exception of her thumb while Doya shoots her Teigu, destroying it. Despite the injuries and lost of her Teigu, Chelsea continues to flee until she reaches a flower field and Natala caught up to her, and easily severs her right arm with Trisula as Doya shoots her in the back, incapacitating her. As she laid on the bed of flowers, Chelsea realized that she was the one who will receive retribution, shedding tears in her final moments. Natala then proceeds to mercilessly decapitate Chelsea, killing her. Chelsea's severed head would later be stacked on a pole in the center of Romari, a town nearby, much to the horror of a scouting Tatsumi.

Upon their second encounter, Seryu reveals to Mine that the rest of Chelsea's body was dissected for information and later fed to Hekatonkheires, making her the second member of Night Raid to be devoured by Koro, with Sheele being the first. Mine proceeded to kill Seryu, avenging both victims.

Equipment and Skills[]


Chelsea possessed a Teigu named "Gaea Foundation" that allowed her to change her appearance at will; she even used this ability to trick Mine, appearing as a Marg Panther cub and stealing her food. She also tricks Tatsumi, by disguising herself as Susanoo while he sneaked up on her taking bath using Incursio. While her Teigu is a support type, Najenda has stated that she had gotten as many jobs and assassinations as Akame, suggesting that Chelsea was quite skilled in combat (or at least assassination).

It would later be confirmed in the events of Akame ga Kill! Zero that Chelsea herself was already immensely skilled in assassination, with her mentor Babara Oarburgh noting that Chelsea was already immensely proficient in killing and there was likely nothing else she could teach her regarding it. However, despite complementing her skills, Barbara also noted that Chelsea still needed to work on her physical abilities, this is seen where her stamina was noted to be still below that of herself and Taeko.

Other Abilities[]

She mainly used stealth in battles, waiting for her enemy to get close before killing them in a single hit by using needles. She excelled at deception to trick people into letting their guard down.


  • Her measurements were 83-54-84.
  • While Disguised as Natala, She became concerned that Merraid's Homosexuality had rubbed off on her when she thought Akame must look cuter up close.


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