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A New Battle ( 新たなる戦, Aratanaru Ikusa) is chapter nine of the Hinowa ga Yuku! manga.


Somewhere in the Tenrou Nation, Kyoukotsu is explaining his ten-part secret plan to his subordinates and they express doubt due to the plan lacking certainly and in addition, the Fortress has been impregnable and many Tenrou Commanders have failed to take it down. Annoyed, he kills his subordinate, daring himself to capture the fortress. Yomihime went to meet up with him, much to her dismay when she saw his handiwork on his own subordinates. Aiming to become the Ten Stars of Tenrou, he gave Yomihime sweets and asks her to deploy her army. He also shows her some of his preparation and she agrees to join while sighing as he looks up at the dozens of the lords head that he was taken into his masterpiece.

Meanwhile, in Yaenami Village, Hisame witness Hinata sparring with Akame but ended up with Akame winning the spar. Hisame compliments Hinata that she's getting better thanks to Akame's training and giving a basket of vegetables to them in exchange for sharing seafood with him. Inside Hinata's house, she prepares the meal for them and while Hinata prepares the meal Akame ask why Hisame want status. He answers that he wants to marry the girl of his dreams but when they are about to have lunch together, Tobari suddenly butts in and takes Hisame's portion, quickly ate it and stuffed. She informs them that Tenrou is going to attack again before getting harassed by Hisame for taking his portion.

The class has an emergency meeting and the Elder states that based on the rumor from the harbor, the Commander of the assault force this time is Kyoukotsu and Suzumaru recognize him as Kyoukotsu the Cruel that is Tenrou King's favorite and he is known to mow down the inhabitants, setting village ablaze and smeared the enemy lord, using it as human fold screen and presenting it to the King of Tenrou. Akame state that she will assist them from the beginning of the battle and Strange Elder told them to be careful due to Kyoukotsu's ability must not be underestimated.

Rendezvousing with Maruge's Army, he will set up his army inside Shiranui Fortress for more protection while Kahei informs them that Second Princess of Soukai Nation, Rinzu has arrived to give a speech to them, further boosting their morale. Akame then realizes that Hisame's goal was to marry Princess Rinzu as he fell in love with her at the first sight when he's visited by her on the field. On Tenrou's side, Kyoukotsu is marching his army towards Shiranui Fortress.

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