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Meihou (冥宝, Meihō) is chapter eight of the Hinowa ga Yuku! manga.


Akame and Hinata are having a stroll around the town, enjoying the culinary on Yaenami Village. Akame saw the child selling the clams much to her pity of their age, she purchases a whole basket of clams. Some fisherman collectives warn Hinata about her current career right now even she accept it cheerfully. In the meantime, Suzumaru was teased by Kisaru, his brother about something that he can't buy with money which he mentions is love but what makes him curious is Suzumaru is not interested in Hinata nor Tobari. Meanwhile, Tobari is enjoying the hot spring before Akame and Hinata arrived to join the bath. Tobari show her wound that was almost entirely healed while getting too serious topic, both Hinata and Akame are talking about Meihou, a weapon that Yomihime used in previous battle. Akame also needs to find a way to deal with her curse in order to deal with Yomihime. The next day, Elder congratulates them despite Tobari remaining frustrated that she doesn't get promoted. Hinata then asks about Meihou which the origin of weapon was forged from fearsome beasts and possess far more strength than the average weapon, similar to Teigu. The Elder admits that it was difficult to forge a Meihou but the King of Tenrou Nation has already spent his fortune to mass-produce it, even Ten Stars of Tenrou are rumored to be equipped with such.

The Elder then advised them to hunt a monster beast and use the reward money to forge the weapon on the capital. Even it was there are some Meihou that Akame is looking for, the Elder is already preparing the medicine to curb her curse temporarily much to her relief and also willing to cover the cost for Akame's Meihou as a token of gratitude of assisting Hinota and his class to defeat Yomihime. The Elder then tasks them to hunt down Umibouzu, a strong creature that will give them materials needed to create a Meihou. Unexpectedly, Kumehachi confesses that he uses most of the rewards on the girls much to the class' displeased. The Elder then ask the class to donate some but in exchange, Kumehachi will be the bait to lure Umibouzu out.

That night, the class start hunting Umibouzu and with Kumehachi as a bait despite strong resistance from Umibouzu, Hinata manage to defeat it. Next day, Hisame and Suzumaru deliver the material to Soukai Capital's Blacksmith, much to the Blacksmith's surprise. A month later, the Meihou are all completed and the Elder's Class are ready for the next battle.

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