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Kill the Great Enemy (大敵を斬る, Daiteki o Kiru) is chapter 71 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


As most of the Revolutionary Soldiers watch in horror the Supreme Teigu continues to massacre them; Honest happily eats and watches from his safe haven located by the teigu. He laughs at the power the teigu displays labeling it a sheer "lopsided battle."

In the front lines, Tatsumi angrily watches as the people, fighting the Empire, are losing morale and their lives.

In the capital, Akame and Leone are shocked to see the massive teigu and make haste to assassinate their next target, Saikyuu. As the two discuss where their next target may be hiding, Leone picks up Honest's scent and they decide to split up in order to take care of their targets quickly; wishing each other luck.

Back on the front lines, the Revolutionary soldiers are scattered everywhere as they try to avoid the onslaught of attacks the Shikoutazer is giving. Most of the Teigu users in the army try their best to deflect most of the attacks and defend the others.

Meanwhile, Najenda attempts to rally the troops together for a final assault. She suddenly realizes Tatsumi has gone missing and theorizes he may have gone towards the destructive teigu.

On his way towards the Emperor, Tatsumi relives the time he had spent since first arriving at the Capital.

Honest checks in on the Emperor as the latter responds that they can manage. The Emperor then asks about their rear flank and the castle if they are okay. Honest replies that they are perfectly fine and that Esdeath has headed towards that direction allowing the Emperor his undivided attention to the front lines.

The Emperor then cautiously ensures he is not hitting his own people, angering Honest as the latter suggests he should fire on everyone in sight and not take any chances. However, Tatsumi soon arrives, berating the Emperor for using such a devastating weapon he has no right using.

Surprised by Tatsumi's lone advance, the Emperor fires a shot at Tatsumi, striking the assassin but is soon deflected the shot. Tatsumi then continues his advance as the Emperor tries to punch him but allows the former to run along his arm and land a blow to the Teigu's forehead. The Emperor is shocked by the sheer power Tatsumi's Teigu caused, shaking the Shikoutazer.

Below, in the front lines, most of the troops notice the landing blow Tatsumi dealt as Najenda manages to raise the morale again, stating the war is not lost and there is a way to defeat the teigu.

Najenda then thanks Tatsumi for bringing the morale back as Honest angrily yells at the Emperor to not let Tatsumi land another blow. Honest soon decides it's time to bring out the teigu's ace-in-the-hole. However, he is soon distracted as Leone enters in, dropping the body of a guard.

Shocked by the revelation that all the guards have been killed, Honest watches in horror as Leone picks up a spear and hurls it straight for him, noting how long she's been waiting to kill him.

Suddenly, just as the spear reaches him, Honest catches the spear and begins to eat it, much to Leone's shock. He soon tells the Night Raid assassin that he will enjoy eating Leone, mentioning the awful taste of the spear he recently devoured.

Noting that he's a Teigu user, Leone ensures that it will be she that will be eating him tonight and not leaving any leftovers.

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