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Kill the Bedlam (Part 2) (混戦を斬る (後編), Konsen o Kiru (Kōhen)) is chapter 70 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


Akame and Leone prepare to take down their targets, Koukei and Dousen, as the two quickly run away leaving their guards to fight the two assassins. Akame and Leone soon split up with Leone chasing their assigned targets and Akame attacking the defending guards. However, the masked man, among the group of guards activates his teigu summoning bullets in mid-air and firing at Leone hitting her. Akame soon swings her blade at the masked man but is deflected as the guard jumps away after activating a second trap beneath Akame; a series of spears in the ground. Akame swiftly dodges the spears with the man complimenting the young assassin's quick wits. Akame soon yells to Leone who recovers from the surprise trap and pursues after the two men.

Seeing it as suicide to attack Akame directly, the masked man activates another trap with arrows being fired from a hidden spot in the wall. However, Akame destroys all the arrows quickly with Murasame. The guard then begins to negotiate with Akame over his life. If she kills him, then he won't tell her about Minister Honest's secret Teigu. Akame soon charges the man and attacks him, stabbing him in the chest. Surprised by the fact Akame attacked him, the man asks why. Akame soon reveals that the minister would never reveal top secret information with everyone. As Akame soon flees, it is revealed that the man had the palace guards set off the trap that fired the arrows which had also released poison gas into the courtyard. However, Akame had quickly dispatched him and ran off before the gas could settle. Regardless, a small amount to Akame was nothing compared to her rigorous training.

Akame soon meets up with Leone with Koukei and Dousen beaten bloodly on the ground. Leone proudly states she found them since their smell was rotten to the core; making it easy for her to track them with Lionelle's ability. The two soon set off to help with the ongoing war.

Back in the front lines, Tatsumi and Esdeath continue to clash blades. Tatsumi determined to defeat Esdeath wishes for more power. Esdeath happily notes Tatsumi's power rising more and more as she uses Hagelsprung to launch him into the air and slam him into the ground. Esdeath soon taunts Tatsumi stating that's not all he's got as Tatsumi breaks out of the giant ice ball. Suddenly, two hooded people, standing atop of the Capital's Walls, ringing a large gong; sounding the alarm to retreat.

Surprised by the alarm, Esdeath takes note of the Imperial Capital's damage and the Rebel Army's Supreme Commander taking advantage of her fight with Tatsumi to advance the Revolutionary Army's Troops. She soon jumps on her horse and compliments Tatsumi for holding her back for the time before riding off.

The Revolutionary Army soon cheers as they take notice of Esdeath retreating, unable to believe they managed to push her back.

Najenda soon rides up next to Tatsumi checking on his health and congratulating him on holding Esdeath back. Tatsumi soon mentions that his body took a heavy toll after his fight with Esdeath but informs Najenda he'll be fine and that he feels much better with Incursio equipped. Najenda worriedly looks upon Tatsumi as she can recognize the armor beginning to fuse with him.

Knowing that he'll end up tattered and broken, Tatsumi stands up and vows to usher in an era of peace by ending the war as soon as possible. All he asks is to have enough strength to protect Mine.

Moved by his words, Najenda promises Tatsumi that they have already won the war but before she could finish she realizes the war isn't over as Esdeath hadn't retreated for any reason. Suddenly, a Revolutionary Soldier points out the Shikoutazer standing in the middle of the capital. Najenda and Tatsumi watch in horror as the teigu fires one of its canons turning most of the soldiers into dust and bones; leaving only barren land behind.

Minister Honest laughs in admiration of the Supreme Teigu's total destruction of the Rebel Army as Emperor Makoto controls the massive teigu inside.

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