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Tears (Part 1) (涙(前編), Namida (Zenpen)) is chapter six of the Hinowa ga Yuku! manga.


Hinata clashes with Yomihime while Hisame holds off the Tenrou's Army assault to the main camp single-handedly. His action gain impression of Kahei, Foot Soldier Commander but Hisame told Maruge plainly to get a new set of pants. Meanwhile, Hinata continues to duel with Yomihime and she's struggling against Yomihime's attack. When Yomihime was about to use finishing blow on Hinata, Kumehachi interfere by firing an arrow, causing her to deflect it and Hinata. Yomihime then breaks Hinata's parry and about to finish her again only to be interrupted again by Tobari's sword that Tobari throw it to Yomihime. Yomihime was impressed to see Hinata is getting stronger and Suzumaru arrives to assist Hinata but all for naught as Yomihime breaks Hinata's sword and Suzumaru's spear. Just before Yomihime finishes Hinata off, this time Akame arrives to aid Hinata.

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