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Kill the Bedlam (Part 1) (混戦を斬る (前編), Konsen o Kiru (Zenpen)) is chapter 69 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


At the Imperial Palace's private headquarters, Akame and Leone stormed the premises and took out the Imperial guards before approaching Youkan. The elderly man tried to plead for mercy, whilst the assassins remained unfazed. Before he could speak his final words, Akame killed him by cutting off the top of his head. Having disposed of their target, the two moved towards the throne room.

At the throne room, having noticed the massive power of the Supreme Teigu, The Emperor informed Prime Minister Honest that this kind of weaponry cannot be unleashed upon their people. Honest proceeded to tell that only the young Lord can wield the weapon with his wisdom and must not allow for the Empire that had stood for a millennium to collapse. With this, the Emperor collected his determination and summoned the giant.

In front of the Capital's rampart, Esdeath noticed that one of the revolutionaries had been using Scream to keep the rebels' morale high. She then ordered the army to advance forward amidst her Ice Golems. Najenda proceeded to bring her Teigu users forward, wielding Belvaac, Extase and Black Marlin, to counter Esdeath's cavalry.

However, despite the rebels outnumbering the Empire's forces by ten times, one of the commanders is informed that Esdeath is preventing their army from progressing further. Suzuka informed the General that rebel spies were attempting to incite chaos amongst the citizens in order to open up the gates from inside. Having anticipated this as well, Esdeath placed the Dark Squad to keep watch and eliminate any intruders within the Capital. This set Pais and Ritone's plans back, as they remained hidden and waited for an opening.

Back at the front lines, Tatsumi, using Incursio, kept on destroying the Ice Cavalry. Having surveyed her surroundings, as well as finding a crucial rebel command point to take out, Esdeath made her golems sentient and jumped into battle. As the General started to mow down hordes of her enemies, Najenda prepared defensive maneuvers. While the rebels kept Esdeath occupied in the south, the forces in the north managed to break through the capital's walls and began their clash with the Empire's troops. Upon noticing this, Esdeath decided to take out the rebels' supreme commander in order to disrupt their tactics and attain Pyrrhic victory, but is intercepted by Tatsumi.

Tatsumi lunged at Esdeath and managed to grab a hold of her. Esdeath proceeded to encase his armor in ice just as Tatsumi made a swing with his spear to break out. As Tatsumi pulled back to catch his breath, Esdeath started taunting the young man and mocked his level of skill. Having seen her power, Tatsumi decided to stop pondering over his chances of victory and proceeded to fight the Ice Queen head-on.

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