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Kill the Source (元凶を斬る, Genkyō o Kiru) is chapter 68 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


On the day of war, Suzuka pleaded Esdeath to serve as a messenger between her and Honest. Respecting Suzuka's force of character, Esdeath approved her request. Suzuka went on to suggest lingually cleaning the General's footwear, but Esdeath declined, stating that it defeated the purpose if she were to willingly cleanse them. Esdeath's neglecting attitude ended up arousing Suzuka.

At Night Raid's hideout, having discovered Esdeath's Ice Cavalry, Najenda briefed the squad on their plan of attack. Akame and Leone were to infiltrate the Capital's palace, while Najenda was to assist the front alongside Tatsumi, who would fend off the main infantry from Esdeath's countermeasures. With that, Najenda listed their final targets and ordered for them to be executed with extreme prejudice; Prime Minister Honest, Esdeath, Koukei, Saikyuu, Youkan and Dousen. Before the group set off, Akame promised to take out their enemies swiftly and return to the battlefield to assist Tatsumi in his battle against Esdeath.

At the Capital's entrance, the rebel and imperial army met for one last time, with Esdeath and Suzuka standing on top of the rampart wall before sending her ice battalion into battle. The revolutionaries opened cannon fire, but were quickly suppressed by the General's Weissschnabel. Holding their ground, Najenda called forth a Teigu wielder who had Danger Beasts under their control, but Esdeath countered in a similar manner with airborne danger beasts. As the beasts canceled out each other, the Ice Cavalry moved in on the rebels. Tatsumi proceeded to emerge from the crowd and stopped their advancement with Incursio.

At the palace's top floor, Honest took The Emperor to activate the Supreme Teigu. As the young lord prepared for his first battle, Honest mentioned how he resembled his late father and predecessor. His words brought joy and confidence to the young lord as he proceeded to unlock the ultimate Teigu with his scepter, all while remembering his late parents. This made the Prime Minister recall the actual cause behind their deaths, being the one who slowly poisoned the previous emperor and later his wife.

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