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Kill the Darkness (晦冥を斬る, Kaimei o Kiru) is chapter 67 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


Tatsumi and Najenda enjoy the beautiful day, with Najenda commenting that this weather would be perfect for the war, while Akame goes swimming in a lake.

A day prior to the great battle, Najenda announced that Night Raid will kick back and relax, providing a feast in preparation prepare for the upcoming war. Leone happily starts drinking as Najenda tells her to not waste a single drop of alcohol. She also tells Leone that her free-spirited optimism shines through during peaceful moments like this. Leone teasingly asks if Najenda is seriously complimenting her, and Najenda says she is just talking crazy before the war. Leone decides to confess some of the misdeeds she did overtime, such as secretly drinking all her liqour gamblin away Najenda's money for assignments, and so on before Najenda, now annoyed by her acts, brushes them off as lesser priorities, or at least until after the war. The group then notice Akame's silence and slow eating, which Tatsumi questions her about. Akame apologizes for worrying everyone and says she was thinking about their fallen comrades Sheele, Bulat, Chelsea, Susanoo, and Lubbock, their comatose comrade Mine, and of course, the three in front of her. She says that she is still standing because of everyone, and that her wish to eliminate the ones who have corrupted their country by any means necessary, will come true as it is their sworn duty. After getting all her thoughts off her chest, Akame induldged herself with the banquet before saying to Tatsumi that he had always been much stronger than she gave him credit for. Najenda adds that she has a steely resolve and unmatched reslience that she could ever hope for, so she wants her to make it out of all of this alive as well. Akame suggests that once the war's over, they, including Mine, should go off to another country on a boat, in hopes that Kurome and Wave might join them.

Far away from the Empire, Wave and Kurome had decide to spend the night in a remote hunter's cabin. Kurome asks if Wave is still recovering from his injuries prior, which he admits he is still feeling the recoil of using two Teigu at once. Kurome offers medical herbs to him instead of rummaging through the mountain at night. Wave tells Kurome how glad he is she so comfortable opening up about her body's condition as it makes it easier for him to treat her, but Kurome tells him she is bad at reading his body language so if he hadn't spoken up before, she would have thought everything was fine. Wave apologizes to Kurome about being so stubborn and promises to not withold anything from her anymore, which makes her happy. Wave then sensed something's presence, as number of glaring eyes emerged from within the woods.

At the Empire, the council members discuss their options for the forthcoming battle. Seeing very little chance of victory, they decided to conspire against Honest and deliver him to the Revolutionary Army, hoping they may be spared, possibly even recruited. Honest suddenly walks into the room, having overheard their plot with Suzuka accompanying him. He says that their schemes of betrayal are making him sad, but he informs them he was smart enough to keep is eye on the lot of them considering how much of a scavenger he sees them as. He orders that Suzuka skin them all alive as an example, which she happily agrees to. Honest leaves to make sure his majesty doesnt' have anything to worry about.

At the Imperial Capital's Military Drill Grounds, a number of rebels in hiding spot a huge row of centaur-like ice soldiers manufactured with Esdeath's powers as the Emperor, Honest and Esdeath herself watch. Suzuka appears behind them and slams them into the ground, announcing that the Ice Cavalry, as they are called, are Esdeath's new Trump Card. She looks at Esdeath from afar admiring how she evolved the power of Demon's Extract and says she was born to meet the general. Suzuka senses that the spies are fleeing and allows them to, as she was commanded to do so for the exact reason of leaking this new information to the revolutionaries, though she says it would have been only a matter of time before their strength would have become known.

Honest commends Esdeath for her work, as she informs him that her troops have fortified their position in the west. Esdeath announces that the upcoming war will be the end to all wars as she starts thinking about her subordinates. She says that if Wave and Kurome ultimately died, then it was because they were weak; beyond her control. She confesses that she considers all of the Jaegers to have been a happy and rambunctious group that brought her wonderful memories. As a result, she declares that the long-awaited war will be in honor to them.

Honest asks the young lord of his opinion, citing that as long as Esdeath is on their side, they have noting to worry about. The Emperor expresses great admiration for Esdeath, but was also anxious at the same time, as they were the same opponents that brought down Great General Budo. The Emperor decides to step up to the plate, which prompts Honest to put up a false smile and praise him before urging him to use the "Ultimate Teigu", which he says has been perfected after offering it to all the greatest alchemists in the country. The Emperor seems a little worried, but Honest assures him he would stand by him every step of the way, and the Emperor accepts.

Honest tells the Revolutionary Army to come and fight them, declaring they will leave a massacre so prodigous it will stain history for all of time.

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