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Kill the Fate (因果を斬る, Inga o Kiru) is chapter 66 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


The battle between the two sisters rages on, but Kurome notices that her movements are slowing event though the drug hasn't worn off yet. Akame reveals that when she activated Yatsufusa, her stamina experienced a sharp spike. She nearly dodges a strike from Akame as she falls to her knees and panting heavily. Suddenly, Wave, donning Grand Chariot, arrives on the scene, but he is ambushed by an Incursio-infused Tatsumi, who knocks him back with a powerful kick to the abdomen. Tatsumi asks Wave if he came to stop the fight, which he confirms. Tatsumi explains he can't allow anyone to interfere but Wave doesn't care. The two charge at one another and exchange powerful blows, with Wave yelling he will protect her while Tatsumi says that she wants this fight. Tatsumi outmaneuvers and punches Wave into the air, leaving him wondering how powerful he had become since they clashed in the past. After falling down on the ground, Tatsumi says to Wave that if he really is Kurome friend, he better be prepared to take whatever form he must, but if he stands up, he will put him down. Refusing to give in, Wave spots Run's corpse and realizes that he guided him to Kurome in hopes of saving her. He apologizes to him for him constantly cleaning up his mess and asks him for one more thing as he crawls over to him. Tatsumi charges at Wave saying he made his choice, but is severely surprised when Wave proceeds to pick up Mastema and starts wielding the two Teigu simultaneously. Reaching the highest altitude, Wave divebombs with his now enhanced technique, Grand Fall: Flügel, while Tatsumi counters with Neuntote, creating a massive explosion.

Wave Wielding Mastema

Wave wielding Mastema and Grand Chariot.

The effects of Kurome's drug finally start wearing off, which Akame notices. She tells Kurome the match is decided and she should stand down now. The younger sister refuses and proceeds to take another pill, despite Akame telling her not to. Kurome responds by yelling that she doesn't know how else to fight without them since they have taken her this far. Wave suddenly swipes the drug out of her hands and crushes it, intending to stand by her side for this fight. Tatsumi returns and tells Wave to stand aside but he refuses and announces he will take Kurome away from here. Tatsumi reminds him that Kurome wanted this fight and Kurome confirms it, stating that this is the last thing she wants. Wave walks over to Kurome and reveals that while he would have asked her to stop as a friend, he embraces her and declares he is protecting her as the man who loves her. 

The confession shocks Kurome, as Wave confesses that when she kissed him before, if brought forth feelings tucked away in the recesses of his heart; feelings he believes he had the minute he met her. He tells her that even though it took a while, he sees and loves her as a man. Akame asks Wave how he plans on protecting her, and he reveals he and Kurome will defect from the Empire and he will take Kurome to the secret springs and will spend every waking hour treating her. Akame asks about his speech about chaning the Empire from within, and he confesses he meant every word he said about that because it was the path Run showed him. But now he has something that is far stronger than that desire: Kurome. He acknowledges if he kept seeing her as a friend, no doubt she would have ended up dead. So he won't ever leave her side again, because as a man of the sea, he dives in head first with love.

Kurome claims Wave is making too many assumptions and while she is happy he said that, she can't defect from the Empire, but Wave says he will forgive her. Akame proposes the two could  join up with the rebel army, but Wave declines as he has no intention of going against his own master. He says that he and Kurome will withdraw from the fight, and Akame realizes they will disappear without picking a side. Wave says he is okay with throwing everything away as long as he has her. Tatsumi acknowledges that during their fight he felt something extrodinary was driving him, much like himself.

Wave and Kurome Kiss

Wave kisses Kurome

Moments later, Leone appears to report that there are no enemies within their proximity and commends Tatsumi for using up one of his transformations to persuade two Jaegers to leave the Empire, as this outcome would end up saving dozens of lives. Wave asks Akame to pull out of the fight and entrust her sister to him, and Akame accepts, even adding that it is only natural he fell in love with Kurome because she is the cutest thing on the planet. She does ask Kurome what she wants, willing to continue the fight. Kurome is then left in turmoil; wanting all of the suffering to end, while relented to leave the Empire, fearing the punishment for desertion and thinking the sacrifices her comrades made would have been in vain. She drawns her sword and points it at Akame, but Wave, steps in and takes Yatsufusa out of her hands, telling her she doens't have to worry about that anymore and that he forced her hand in the end. He activates Grand Chariot again and shatters Yatsufusa, shocking everyone. Wave explains to Kurome that this was necessary to get closure, and if the ghosts that haunt her show up again, he will ensure they never affect her. He then sweeps Kurome off her feet and kisses her. Kurome says she is so happy, she feels her head will burst. She embraces Wave and asks him to take her away and make it so she can only think of him. Akame accepts this decision as Tatsumi expresses amazement that Wave managed to change this outcome.

As day comes, Akame tells the two of them that they will make it look like they were killed by Tatsumi with Incursio, using Yatsufusa's remains as proof. Wave thanks them for this cover story. Tatsumi compliments Wave's remarkable capability of wielding two Teigus at once, but Wave admits he did it to keep up with him because he became so strong. He looks down at Run's grave, donned with one of his feathers, and thanks him once again for his help. Akame thanked Wave for his selflessness, while Wave commends them for staying to their convictions when the two of them are turning tail and fleeing. The two sisters hold hands and happily admit they would choose to be each other's sibling, if they could do redo everything. The groups parts ways, with Akame wishing for them to have a happy life.

Tatsumi says that they can trust Wave, and Akame agrees since he lost it when he learned she had planned to kill her when they fought one another. Akame starts tearing up but Tatsumi consoles her, saying she should be happy no one had to die today. Tatsumi promises to end the Empire's evil reign and Leone agrees, even offering to throw a huge party. They declare they will ride this heartwarming wave through the final battle.

Jaegers: One remaining.

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