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Kill the Wild Hunt (ワイルドハントを斬る, Wairudohanto o Kiru) is chapter 60 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


Resuming their battle, Leone charged swiftly at Dorothea, who attempted to subdue the Night Raid member only to be caught off guard by the former's remarkable speed and quickly pushed back with a powerful blow to the abdomen. Leone tells Dorothea that despite having so much power, she is inexperienced with real combat compared to someone who fights constantly, like herself. Having realized the large gap in their strength, Dorothea uncovers a hidden cylindrical tube and pressed it against the ground, as a mysterious gas started to pour out. Believing it to be poison, Leone rushed through the smoke curtain to finish off her opponent, but got lapidified by Dorothea's trap, giving Dorothea enough time to sink her teeth into Leone and drink her blood with her Teigu, the Blood Collector: Absordex. After Leone falls to the ground, Dorothea tells her that she got to see just how ferocious an alchemist with a Teigu is. She also adds that Leone's blood tasted rustic and gamey but very palatable for her. Believing to have killed Leone and feeling the power of her blood filling her with power, Dorothea attempts to join Cosmina in her battle against Tatsumi, and once that's done, she'll work with her to take down Akame. However, she is left shocked as Tatsumi knocks Cosmina close to Dorothea's feet. She unleashes a sonic scream at Tatsumi but he resists it and cuts off her arm. He gets up close and cuts her forehead as he internally notes that he has used too many special attacks during his battle with her, but he acknowledges she is very powerful and he is greatful he was the one fighting it. Dorothea is left annoyed by Tatsumi's strength and says that if they hadn't been discovered and had two more days, Cosmina would have the strength to surpass Tatsumi. She does note Cosmina has her own Trump Card, which requires she pierce his armor. Sure enough, Cosmina impales Tatsumi with several spikes, which Cosmina says will allow a deadly poison to flow into his body. To her shock though, he charges at Cosmina and rams her in her abdomen completely fine, causing Dorothea to realize he developed an immunity to poison because he survived the Minister's trap, and his fused body would make it possible.

Cosmina killed

Tatsumi bifurcates Cosmina.

Panicking, Dorothea attempts to assist her, when she was ambushed by a now fully recovered Leone. Leone says that the kick was supposed to kill her, so she must be very strong having drank her blood. Dorothea, in turn, questioned Leone's sudden recovery, presuming that she had killed her earlier. Leone says she learned how to play dead from a 'master'. Leone explains to Dorothea she replenished her strength by devouring a group of nearby herbivores with her Teigu. Leone notices some wrinkles appearing on Dorothea's face, and realizes after she took substantial damage, she started to revert back to her real age. Dorothea draws an alchemical symbol on the ground. Leone tries to distract her by calling out to Akame but Dorothea ignores her and summons a giant monstrosity to combat Leone, with the sheer speed and amount of its endurance easily outmatching Leone. As it grabs her and consumes her, Leone decides to go straight for the summoner to dispel the beast. Dorothea attempts to gun her down, but Leone evades the bullet and snaps her neck. As she collapsed to the ground and the monster dissipates, Dorothea questions how she could have lost and wonders about Cosmina. She turns to look a their fight but witnesses Cosmina's bifurcation at the hands of Tatsumi.

Leone crushes Dorothea

Leone kills Dorothea by crushing her with a rock.

Dorothea says that she regrets her ambition as it looks like she dies. However, Dorothea was actually playing dead in hopes of escaping after recovering from her injuries and plotted to get her revenge in the future against Leone. Leone, however, approaches Dorothea with an intent to crush her body with a huge boulder, as a precaution in case she were to somehow recover. Realizing she can't fake her death anymore, Dorothea ceased her deceit, surprising Leone. Dorothea pleads with Leone to spare her and make her one of their comrades. She continues to defend her request by claiming to have found a way of prolonging human's lifespan by stealing life force from others. This only brings even more disgust to the already angered Leone. Dorothea begs to Leone to spare her because she doesn't want to die, rather she would like to keep obtaining knowledge and be beautiful forever. Leone again rejects her, noting that none of the people she had previously killed wanted to suffer the same fate as her. In her last moments, Dorothea wouldn't accept death at any cost and continued to beg her, before Leone ended her life by slamming the huge rock over her body. After the battle had concluded, Leone stated that Dorothea had made a great point about the short length of human life and that's why one must live it to the fullest as she meets back up with her comrades.

Wild Hunt: Total Annihilation.

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