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Kill the Imperial Arm Users (帝具使いを斬る, Teigu tsukai o Kiru) is chapter six of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


Realizing that he can't beat Zanku in a long fight, Tatsumi attempts to finish the fight in one attack. Zanku, pleased with the situation, tells Tatsumi that he will behead him. In the deciding moment, Tatsumi manages to move faster than Zanku expected, landing a hit on him, much to the latter's surprise as Tatsumi further insults him, stating that he failed to behead him.

Unhappy over failing to behead Tatsumi, Zanku charges towards him to kill him as Akame arrives on time to help the injured Tatsumi. Akame praises Tatsumi for holding on his own and tells him to rest while she deals with Zanku. The two of them then engage in a battle where no side showing any apparent advantage due to their skills, experience and Teigu. Zanku temporarily stops fighting, saying that Akame's Murasame is too much of a cheat as he can't afford to get even one cut on him. Akame refutes, saying that Zanku is doing the same by reading her mind and movements. Zanku then switches the topic by asking Akame how she deals with the voices of the people she kills. When Akame states that she doesn't hear such voices, Zanku becomes disappointed and uses the illusion ability of his Teigu, Spectator, showing an illusion of the person Akame cares about most in the world.

Charging towards Akame, who has apparently stopped moving, Zanku's attack was blocked at the last minute by Akame, much to Zanku's surprise. Confused over the situation, Zanku questions Akame, who replies because she loves the person in the illusion that she wants to be the one to kill her, further shocking Zanku. Noting that Zanku's weapon is damaged, Akame once again charges to Zanku, attacking him with a fury of attacks successfully breaking his weapons and cuts him in the throat. Before Zanku dies from Murasame's poison, Akame questions him if the "voices" are still bothering him as Zanku thanks her for ending the voices.

Back at the Night Raid hideout, while visiting his friends' graves, Akame throws an apron to Tatsumi, telling him that even an injured man should be able to do some housework. Tatsumi decides to ask Akame about the illusion she was shown, which Akame replies she will tell him when the time comes, but the thing most important to her now is Tatsumi and Night Raid.

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