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Kill the Assumptions (あなたの前提を斬る, Anata no Zentei o Kiru) is chapter 59 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


Leone rushes head first at Dorothea, but got caught off guard by the latter's impressive strength, as she managed to block the former's direct attack with just her palm. Dorothea explains she has the most strength out of all the members of Wild Hunt. She tightens her grip on Leone's arm before slamming her into the ground, suggesting that she continues to lie there and witness the demise of her comrades at the hands of her soldiers. She tells Leone that even if Akame bested Izou, she believes she won't be able to defeat her soldiers. 

On the other side of the battlefield, three of Dorothea's troops charge at Akame. Akame slices one of the soldiers and the curse starts affecting it, but then she notices she can't pull Murasame out of it's body as it is thick as sludge. The others charge at her and she backs up, letting go of Murasame as the solder falls to the ground dead. Akame realizes the soldier was sacrificing itself to get Murasame out of her hands, which was their perfect countermeasure for her Teigu. Akame notices the other soldiers are making an easy path for her to reclaim Murasame, and she knows if she buys into it, it'll be her end. Akame decides to use her fists and punches one in the face. She jumps over another one and knocks it to the ground with a scissor-kick. She grabs the sword it dropped and cuts one of the soldiers in half. She then slices the other soldiers charging at her into many pieces, leaving Dorothea stunned.

Leone explains to Dorothea that Akame doesn't solely rely on Murasame when she fights because she alway aims for her target's vital spots. Simply put, even without a Teigu, she is still a force to be reckoned with. As Akame decides to find the rest of the soliders and finish them. Leone then kicks Dorothea away and tells her that she is both tenacious and tough, and thanks to the time she spent recovering, she is ready to fight her again. Dorothea responds that she will make a fine subject for her experiments.

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