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Kill the Alchemist (錬金術師を斬る, Renkinjutsu-shi o Kiru) is chapter 57 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


The remaining members of Night Raid see Mine off after being comatose, with Akame saying that they'll all go and see her at the end, with Tatsumi asking Mine to marry him once she awakens because he loves her. After seeing Mine off, Leone made a compliment to his growing personality, but was a bit disappointed, seeing that she cannot tease him anymore, to which Akame answered that she still has her best friend with her. Leone drags Akame off to have a drink with her, while Najenda discussed with Tatsumi about the condition of his body. Tatsumi says that he feels fine, like he has power building up in his body, but Najenda says it's exactly what the doctor said. According to a doctor who was wielding Perfector, while Incursio grants its user great strength, it has started to slowly devour him with each transformation, which will lead to him becoming Incursio's new body. The doctor tells Tatsumi to not think of it as a power up; because he is mortal, fusing with the Teigu will break him, but it will make him stronger and is what saved him from the poisonous barbs. Najenda takes it to mean that Incursio has become dangerous for Tatsumi while also noting that even though Bulat used the armor multiple times, he used it in a just manner. The doctor says this case is dfferent and that he told Tatsumi it would be impossible to use Incursio to fight the top two of the Empire. Tatsumi says he can endure any pain and he just needs strength. The doctor says it will eventually lead to Tatsumi's demise if he continues to use Incursio in such a manner after a few years, but if he continued to train his body, he could learn to use it without overdoing it like Bulat. But as is, if Tatsumi uses Incursio three to four more times, it will consume him until he dies, and the change in his right eye being the first symptoms. Najenda voices her concern for Tatsumi's well-being, but he says he's fine and if he can use it four more times in addition to Susanoo's Trump Card, it will be enough. Najenda wants to have the young man withdraw from the front lines during the final phases of the war, but they no longer know what Esdeath's Trump Card will be, and they need Incursio, which is adapted to her cold, to be able to stop her. Tatsumi accepts without a doubt, asking Najenda if all of their work will be enough to defeat the Empire. Najenda replied that, despite odds being in their favor, they shouldn't underestimate The Minister, who must have an ace up his sleeve, or Esdeath's incredible power, for if they slip up, the two of them will take advantage of an opening if they see one. Najenda tells Tatsumi they need to gather their pace and prepare properly, because as soon as all the rebel forces gather from various locations, they will unleash a simultaneous attack on the Capital, and once it's down, they just need to eliminate Esdeath. Tatsumi asks if Esdeath will continue to fight for that long, which Najenda confirms, stating that this war will provide her with lots of opponents to satisfy her thirst for blood. She even adds that if Esdeath dies on the battlefield, she'll have a smile on her face, and no matter what, they need her to die or she'll cause more wars to indulge herself in. Tatsumi tells Najenda that up until his capture, he had been hiding his identity from her, and the times they met before she was persistent and stubborn in chasing him, but this time, when they clash, it will be the decisive battle where he'll use all his strength to defeat her, and it's the least he can do in honor of Lubbock's sacrifice. Najenda says to Tatsumi to worry about it, since it's 'all for one' and 'one for all' for Night Raid, and that Lubbock would've agreed with them.

Back at Night Raid's hideout, Akame and Leone discussed about how Tatsumi lost his smile since the execution arena, mostly likely because he still feels responsible for Lubbock's demise and his constant worry for Mine, in addition to the cost his body sustained from evolving Incursio. Akame mentions how big and empty the base feels now and how she can never get used to such a feeling. Leone consoles her, telling her that if she was a man she'd wrap her arms around her and hold her, but she can at least be with her like this, though Akame says Leone is perfect the way she is now. Leone states that his smile will return once Mine awakens from her coma, and they should all go on a boat voyage together, to which Akame reciprocates.

Meanwhile, Najenda lighted a smoke in her room, and thinks to when Pais and Ritone confirmed that Lubbock was executed in the Palace after killing Syura, and as hard as they tried, they were only able to recover his goggles. Najenda thanks them and promises to carry them with her forever. She says that they had been trying to acquire the latest version of the Palace map, but it requires years of work to achieve. But now that Budo is gone, it may be possible, and this was the help Lubbock gave with his life, so they'll give everything they have. In the present, she admits to herself that even though she had prepared herself for the worst, she's not ready to feel this type of loneliness, since Lubbock had been by her side for so long. She promises to keep his goggles with her until the very end as she continues to mourn him.

At the Capital, the Jaegers are seen preparing for the big battle against the Revolutionary Army. Esdeath points out the Army's movements on a map and that they're waiting for reinforcements, and that they demonstrating more control than she previously believed they had. Kurome thinks it means they are making light of them, and Wave adds that the main force of the Army is formidable. Esdeath says there is no one that is her equal and that the one organizing the army is the true threat, but she feels he wouldn't be fighting on the front lines so she can't fight him. Wave says that soldiers who turned their backs on the Empire are springing up against them and pinning down the commander's division in the West, which leaves him worrying if they can really win. Esdeath promptly says they can as she tells the two of them to look out the window. The two of them do so and are left shocked by what they see and believing it will decrease the Revolution's numbers. Esdeath says that Honest has other Teigu on reserve and since both sides have Teigu, it will be a streneous battle but will also be lots of fun. Esdeath then leaves to raise morality in the soldiers who are still standing by the Empire and tells Wave and Kurome to protect the Capital as someone may try to take advantage of the chaos, with which the two agree to the order.

Before Esdeath leaves the room, Wave asks if it's true Tatsumi really was with Night Raid, which she confirms and that it took her by surprise. She muses he's worried about her because of this revelation, and says to him that even though she considers the words 'worry' and 'concern' unnecessary, she also thinks they're interesting. Wave asks if she still loves Tatsumi, and Esdeath answers yes. Even though they are on opposing sides, she will stick to Bols' advice and not give up on him. Esdeath tells Wave that based on what she experienced when she faced him, should she confront him again, she will destroy him with everything she has, because she has finally accepted he will never return her love for him and absolves to not let her emotions get the better of her again. She does add that if she kills him or he kills her, she'll be okay with the outcome, which leaves Wave stunned.

Wave asks Kurome if she can empathize with Esdeath's feelings regarding her sister, and Kurome responds by saying that even though she wants to kill Akame, if she dies instead, it just means Akame was the better fighter. Wave says that as long as Esdeath is happy, he's okay, and he wants to do what he can for Empire, in honor of Bols, his other comrades, and for the person who trained him into what he is today, and Kurome blushes at his resolve. Kurome then notes that Wave has been reading a lot of books lately, and he says that the path to changing the Empire from within that Run was talking about has caused him to try to take up that goal. Kurome says that if they suceed in repelling the Revolution, the ensuing confusion and disorder will give Wave the opportunity to fulfill that wish, to which he confirms. Kurome tells Wave she's going to take a nap and lays on his bed. She says it smells like ocean and he tells her to go to her room if it irritates her, but she says she'll deal with it in a happy tone.

Meanwhile, Honest is eating with Dorothea, and says that hundreds of thousands of enemy soldiers being wiped out makes his appetite for ham decrease by a slice. Dorothea says that the Teigu of supreme power show signs of wear in distinct spots because of how massive they are, but she has finally finished the upgrades, to which he devilishly thanks her for as it means they are much stronger now. Dorothea decides to leave the Capital for a bit as Honest asks if she's going to feed herself, which she confirms, saying that she's run out of prisoners and feels like they need to stock up on bodies during the decisive battle, also adding she wants to shave the Revolution's numbers a bit, which pleases Honest.

Dorothea enters her study and sees Izou there, who asks if it's time for him to mobilize, and she confirms, because she's going out on a 'picnic' with Cosmina, and wants him to keep her company. She flips a switch on a container and reveals Cosmina has transformed into a hideous monster, and that as long as she keeps eating, she'll become so strong even supreme Teigu can't contend with her, and she delights how much she's raised her to help her realize her own ambitions.

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