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Kill the Top Two (二強を斬る, Nikyō o Kiru) is chapter 55 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


Tatsumi informs Akame and Leone of Lubbock's death, which leaves them both saddened. Nevertheless, Akame tells Leone that Najenda will arrive soon with the Danger Beasts she prepared for their escape, and when they arrive, they should be fine. Leone tells her that it's because this is a trap, and while getting in was easy, getting out will be a challenge, because in order to do so, they have to get past the two strongest generals in the Empire: Esdeath and Budo.

Budo uses Adramelech to cover the sky in dark clouds, and Tatsumi starts to suffer from the effects of evolving Incursio, saying he feels he's being torn apart. Budo fires a ball of electricity at the group, but Tatsumi blocks it with his spear, thinking that this is the perfect time to push himself. Esdeath then strikes at Akame, who blocks her blade with Murasame, to which Esdeath commends Akame for her response. Esdeath is then thrown off by Akame's incredible speed, but she does her best to guard herself as she realizes how fun this battle with her has become, since it will be a test of might between the two. As Akame sees what she thinks is an opening, she swipes her sword, only for Esdeath to block it with her ice, claiming she can never cut through it. Mine fires a blast of energy from Pumpkin at Esdeath to which she dodges. She internally notes that she can't tell when a blast of that firepower will come, but dodging Akame is more important than defending against Mine. She tells Akame that fighting a sword-user and a gun-user is a worthy combination, and resumes her clash with Akame, with Mine saying to Akame in her mind to trust her and her skills.

Budo tells Tatsumi that he's tenacious for blocking him just as he blocks a surprise attack from Leone, who praises him for being so agile despite his appearance. Both Tatsumi and Leone charge at him, but he blocks them both and summons forth a bolt of lighting that strikes the both of them. Budo tells the two of them that he intended to capture them, which is why he was going easy, but now he fully intends to execute them. However, he is caught be surprise by Tatsumi who grazes his arm, causing the Great General to remember that Incuriso can resist lightning. Tatsumi, in turn, internally notes that while he too strove to rise the ranks, he will fight him with every fiber of his being. Tatsumi's next attack causes to Budo to move back a bit and wonder if he had fused with it in order to gain this power-up he was seeing. He disregards the thought and declares he will finish him. He unleashes a bolt of lightning again onto Tatsumi but he managed to dodge him, telling Budo that he figured he had such a power and remembered to always stay aware of his surroundings. He then slashed Budo in the back with his spear, causing him to fall down. Leone praises him for his accomplishment.

As Akame and Esdeath's fight continues, Esdeath tells Akame that she has now memorized all of her movements, which will allow her to finally take the initiative of this fight into her own hands. Akame responds by saying that Murasame is not something to easily grasp, so she shouldn't underestimate her. Esdeath tells Akame that she likes the resolve in her eyes, and will enjoy making her beg for mercy. The two turn their attention then to the many bolts of lighting raining down from the sky and destroying the stadium, as Esdeath realizes that only Tatsumi could've driven Budo this far.

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