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Kill the Adversity (Part 2) (逆境を斬る (後編), Gyakkyō o Kiru (Kōhen)) is chapter 54 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


Seeing Budo easily blasted off, the crowds starts to run away in fear. Esdeath's soldiers then arrive wanting to help Esdeath but was rejected and ordered to help evacuating the civilians instead. Esdeath and Mine then continues their battle, each attacking the other with powerful moves but with no side being able to gain any advantage. During the course of battle, Mine successfully sets Tatsumi free by shooting the cross Tatsumi is pinned to. Tatsumi then walks to Incursio which has small barbwire wrap on the hilt. Esdeath then demands Tatsumi to equip Incursio, revealing that she originally intend to miss Tatsumi's vital spot and take Tatsumi away, but finds the current situation more amusing. Mine attacks Esdeath again, having read the trajectory, easily dodges it as Esdeath claiming that she'll slowly break Mine apart.

Incursio evolve form

Incursio evolves

Remembering Lubbock's death and lamenting his own weakness that caused it along with his determination to protect Mine, Tatsumi equips Incursio demanding for more power resulting Incursio once again evolved now taking a new form much to Mine and Esdeath's surprised. The evolved Incursio further increases Tatsumi's power and speed now allowing Tatsumi to battle Esdeath on par along with Mine's support, forces Esdeath to activate her trump card, Mahapadma, which freezes time. As Esdeath prepares to kill Mine, Tatsumi through the evolved Incursio, manages to overcome Mahapadma's time freeze ability. Esdeath then cancels Mahapadma and heads to finish Mine off, as Akame arrives trying to launch a sneak attack on Esdeath. Easily thwarting Akame's attack, Esdeath uses Weissschnabel on both Akame and Mine, as Leone now appears rescuing the two of them in the last minute.

Budo prepares to take on Night Raid

Budo prepares to execute Night Raid

Entertained by the turns of events, Esdeath decides to use another new move of hers and Budo reemerges from the piles of rocks, completely unfazed from Mine's attack as a now enraged Budo and Esdeath prepares to take on Night Raid.

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