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Kill the Adversity (Part 1) (逆境を斬る (前編), Gyakkyō o Kiru (Zenpen)) is chapter 53 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


The Revolutionary Army draws near to the Capital and the appearance of the unknown new lord is seen. They are supposed to get through Shisuikan but Budo's Imperial guards are stationed there which led for the Revolutionary army to stop. Budo encourages his army by offering them with good rewards if they can end the Revolutionary Army.

Back at the Capital, The Emperor and Prime Minister Honest are having their meals and discussing the ensuing threat of Budo. They are discussing plans in which either to aid Budo against the enemies (The Revolutionary Army) or protect the Capital.

Two members of the Revolutionary Army finds a sign of public execution with Tatsumi's name on it. It's said that Tatsumi, along with his Teigu, Incursio, will be killed. Also, the two executioners were said to be Budo and Esdeath, making it highly impossible for Night Raid to rescue Tatsumi.

Mine dashes through the forest, already making her mind on rescuing Tatsumi even if it's a trap to lure Night Raid in. She's then shocked to find Akame, Leone and Najenda ahead of her, waiting for her. It's then revealed that Mine had given in a letter of resignation to go and rescue Tatsumi. Akame also pointed out how foolish she was from the first time Tatsumi was captured and with that, Mine still wasn't bothered and still wanted to go get Tatsumi. She then starts tearing up, determined to save Tatsumi, and Lubbock if possible. Leone gave in with a sigh and told her she's 'fallen for him that hard' and Akame following up with Tatsumi's lucky to have her. Mine blushes at the compliments and stutters to try and get through them but Najenda doesn't let her through yet. Najenda tears up the letter of resignation saying that she can't let Mines talent and teigu get away so she tells her that the three of them would join Mine in the rescue plan. Mine was quite shocked and Najenda explained why, that it would damage the Capital's morale if they stop the execution. She then tells Mine that she is the key to them succeeding the rescue operation. 

Tatsumi is then seen in the arena, tied to a cross with the two executioners (Esdeath and Budo) in front of him. With Budo asking if Night Raid was sure to come, Esdeath ensure's they would because of Najenda's naivety. Though Budo is a little worried about the Capital being easily infiltrated, Esdeath tells him she left her subordinates (the Jaegers) back at the palace. And Esdeath reveals the whole purpose of the execution is to show how much a threat they are, which was what the Prime Minister had planned. Tatsumi then asks him if he was okay with taking orders from the Prime Minister. Budo replies that his family had served to protect the Empire for generations and it was his duty to protect the Emperor and the Empire. He then says that the top priority is to destroy the Revolution that threatens the Empire and deal with the Prime Minister that brought the situation in the first place later. Esdeath, though in her mind, looks forward to having Budo as an opponent when it comes, showing that she has relations with the Prime Minister that Budo spoke of. She then reminds Budo that she was the one to kill and take the body of Tatsumi. Tatsumi is then ready for her torture, showing her the pride of Night Raid by not screaming or begging for mercy and laugh in the face of death.

When Esdeath was about to touch Tatsumi with the tip of her blade, Mine arrives with a great explosion against the interior of the arena wall. Esdeath thinks that Najenda was the one who had destroyed the wall but then her thoughts go to Mine when seeing her. Tatsumi then shouts at her for coming and tells her to flee straight away. Mine counters that he shouldn't say that to someone who was going to rescue him and say that she would scold him when they get out of the Arena and safely back to base. Esdeath is then shocked by the face that Tatsumi pulls. Mine then shouts aloud that she is the only one to come from Night Raid and announce that she was rescuing her boyfriend, Tatsumi. Esdeath becomes a little heartbroken as she didn't know Tatsumi could pull a face of glad towards Mine. Mine then asks where Lubbock was and from Tatsumi's expression, she knew he died and was a little sad and shocked. 

Budo unleashes his Imperial Arms', Adramelech's power towards Mine who stopped it with Pumpkin's power. She fights Budo and Esdeath alone and determined to rescue Tatsumi, Pumpkin's firepower had increased to a level no had witnessed before. In Mine's mind, she was glad that her Pumpkin hasn't overheated yet from the many blasts she had used. Tatsumi is then amazed by Mine's power and the fact that she hadn't considered the possibility of death. And that she really was planning on saving and taking him home in a desperate situation. Tatsumi then smiles, admitting that she was a girl who deserved more than him. Mine then tells Esdeath she was taking Tatsumi home but Esdeath replies that she wouldn't let her.

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