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Kill the Carnage (修羅を斬る, Shura o Kiru) is chapter 52 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


The guard watching Lubbock shaking in fear says that he has no balls because he hasn't stopped shaking, and even though he learned some new torturing techniques from Esdeath, Lubbock has already started showing signs of giving up, and that it'll be the end of Night Raid soon enough. In the palace, Syura brags about his accomplishments to Honest. He then tells Honest that he remembered seeing Tatsumi and Esdeath together up in the mountains in an attempt to frame Esdeath as a traitor in order to assimilate the Jaegers into Wild Hunt, mainly for his personal vendetta with Wave and his intention to break Kurome. Honest, however, dismisses that issue, claiming that if she betrayed the Empire already, she'd be with them right now, and instead reveals an investigation report done by Run which points out that the person that caused the humanoid Danger Beasts outbreak was Syura, much to Syura's fury as he realized what Run was really trying to do. Honest then disbands Wild Hunt as per Esdeath's request and as a sign of token for not handing it to Budo. Honest then proceeds to tell Syura that he doesn't mind him starting a stir, but dislikes how he was easily exposed and hates useless people like that, much to Syura's chagrin. Syura attempts to refute back with his recent success on capturing Tatsumi and Lubbock, which Honest counters back saying that's the reason he was keeping Syura from being punished as a criminal.

Angered by his predicament, Syura leaves the room, leaving Dorothea and Honest alone as Dorothea claims that Honest is a harsh father, which Honest refutes as tough love and praises his son for bringing back an alchemist like Dorothea for all the help she has given him. Dorothea says that even if Dr. Stylish is dead, she can continue to use his research for herself, and Honest asks Dorothea to grant his request as well, to which she agrees. Inside the hallway, a desperate Syura formulates strategies to draw out the remaining Night Raid members from torturing Lubbock for info, believing Honest wouldn't complain about him then. He even planned to burn the Capital to draw them out in case Lubbock doesn't talk, and warp anyone who stands in his way into a volcano with Shambhala.

Lubbock snaps Syura's neck, killing him

Back in the prison, Syura yells to Lubbock to tell him everything about Night Raid, threatening to rip off body parts if he doesn't. Lubbock agrees, begging Syura to stop torturing him, which pleases Syura. Lubbock proceeds to talk about Incursio and it's Trump Card, which Syura shows no interest, instead taking interest in Murasame. However, Lubbock constantly claims it has a Trump Card and yet does not, which irritates Syura. Syura shouts at Lubbock to be serious but Lubbock replies that Akame can't use the Trump Card yet so he hasn't seen it before. Due to the lack of information, Syura decides to change the question, asking Lubbock where Night Raid's hideout is. Lubbock then asks for a map so that he can point out the location, and he is released from his restraits as he suddenly places his hand inside his mouth. Lubbock tells Syura there's another Teigu user who has a Trump Card. Purposely saying in a tone that Syura can't hear, Syura gets in close to listen only for Lubbock to pull out Cross Tail's threads and wraps them around Syura's neck to strangle and break it. Lubbock explains that he keeps a few strings in his mouth, and that he was pretending to act like a coward, because Night Raid would never betray each other. Syura falls to the ground and dies while noting how much he wanted to surpass his father.

Izou slashes Lubbock

The guards charge at Lubbock for killing Syura but he easily defeats them all, taking one of their swords and Shambhala with plans to escape. Lubbock's plan, however, doesn't go well as he is teleported to the garden in the palace. He tries to use Shambhala again but it doesn't work, as it can't be used twice in a row. The guards spot him and start chasing him with intentions to kill. Out of options, Lubbock decides to leave on foot while his pursuers chases him, though the pain he sustained from his torture starts catching up to him. To make it worse, Izou appears in front of him, saying that it's Kousetsu's feeding time. Aware that faking death won't work on his opponent, Lubbock charges at him and tries to make use of Shambhala as a shield. Izou, however, cuts Lubbock in half along with Shambhala, stating that he exists solely for Kousetsu, so Teigu are of no value to him. Lubbock, in his final breath, thinks about Najenda, wondering if he did well as he dies.

Izou is left impressed by Lubbock's determination to survive and praises his opponent, but notes that even if Lubbock somehow got past him, all that awaited him was certain death, as Budo was on standby preparing to kill Lubbock if he passed Izou. Budo then leaves the scene to apologize to the Emperor for staining the palace with blood. Inside his room, Honest receives a report from Dorothea about Syura's death and falls into despair since he had high expectations for him. He quickly calms down and states he can just make another son, one that won't be a failure, so the mother must be carefully selected. Dorothea was left surprised by how Honest no longer cared for his deceased son, and that the Empire truly is brutal.

Inside the prison cell Tatsumi is kept in, Esdeath comes in to visit Tatsumi again, noticing that he hasn't eaten anything she cooked, even though she claimed it turned out well. Esdeath says to herself that she was taken off guard when Tatsumi declared he was in a relationship with another woman, but merely resolves to take him away from her, and the only way to do so is to make him her subordinate. Esdeath then tries to talk Tatsumi into becoming her subordinate, saying that all of Tatsumi's past crimes will be pardoned or else he'll have to face execution should he refuse. Tatsumi, however, strengthens his point to Esdeath by saying that he won't accept any negotiations unless Esdeath helps Lubbock as well. Esdeath then breaks in the news of Lubbock's death to Tatsumi, leaving him horrified. Esdeath begs him to join her since tonight will be his last chance, but Tatsumi tells her that he's willing to die over joining the Empire. Esdeath further begs Tatsumi, saying that he can think of it as joining her rather than joining the Empire, yet Tatsumi once again strongly states his rejection with dawn hitting. With the time limit over and Tatsumi still refusing to join her, Esdeath declares that if he won't be her's she will personally execute Tatsumi.

Night Raid: Five members left.

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