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Kill the Love (恋慕を斬る, Renbo o Kiru) is chapter 51 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


Syura yells to Budo and Esdeath that Lubbock and Tatsumi are part of Night Raid, and that they'll capture them alive and make them tell them where the others are before killing them. Tatsumi looks at the unconscious Lubbock before running off, with Incursio giving him extra leg strength despite losing some blood. Syura, Dorothea, and Suzuka charge at him, but Tatsumi uses his Trump Card to turn invisible, shocking the three of them. He then jumps off the wall and kicks Syura, Dorothea, and Suzuka in the chest, blowing them all back. Tatsumi makes a beeline for Lubbock, whom Izou was standing by. Tatsumi quickly makes a smokescreen to blind Izou before grabbing Lubbock and jumping high into the sky. Esdeath, however, gets into the sky beforehand and kicks him back down to the ground. Budo approaches Tatsumi and tells him that he will pass judgement onto those who disturb the peace in the palace. Arming Adramelech, he unleashes a powerful lighting punch on Tatsumi, defeating him and deactivating Incursio. Syura praises himself for preventing the two of them from fleeing only for Budo to punch him in the face, telling him to never bring enemies into the palace, for it could've brought the Emperor harm. Dorothea checks up on the downed Syura, who nevertheless expresses joy at nabbing two members of Night Raid and being able to find the rest of them.

Back at Headquarters, Najenda, Akame, Mine, and Leone grow nervous about how long it's taking for Tatsumi and Lubbock to return. 

Tatsumi wakes up in a prison cell, without Incursio, where he notices that Lubbock isn't with him. Dorothea and Suzuka come in, telling him that they plan on humiliating him through sexual assault. The two of them start groping him, but before they can do anything else, Esdeath comes in and smashes Suzuka's face into the wall while also telling Dorothea and the rest of Wild Hunt to never touch him again, to which Dorothea backs off and runs away.

Esdeath tells Tatsumi that she has many things to ask of him, but simply hugs him and tells him that she's glad to see him. Tatsumi starts struggling and saying he won't join her, but she ignores him, simply wanting to be with him as man and woman. Just as she starts to move in for a kiss, Tatsumi pushes her away. When she asks why, Tatsumi responds by saying that he already has a girl he likes and is going out with her, which shocks Esdeath.

Meanwhile Lubbock, who has been stripped of both his shirt and also his Teigu, is being brutally pummeled by Syura, demanding he tell him where the rest of Night Raid is, to which Lubbock says he doesn't know. Syura mockingly praises Lubbock for being so resilient, but as he grabs a metal clamp, he questions if crushing one of his balls would make him more susceptible to the truth. Syura proceeds to do so, causing Lubbock to wail out in pain.

Syura then says that now he's tired, and tells Lubbock that if he just says where Night Raid is, he will spare him, even promising to make him his pet as long as he still has one ball. Lubbock tells him he won't give in to that, to which Syura tells him that between the two of them, Tatsumi is with Esdeath and probably not getting tortured, which shocks Lubbock. Syura says it's a reward for her repelling the foreign tribe's invasion. He also tells Lubbock that he was captured simply because he was with Tatsumi, whom they recognized. He finishes by telling Lubbock that he shouldn't have to hold out for them if only he gets tortured. He tells Lubbock to start talking before he pulls an eye out, but resolves to give him the night to think about it. He does tell Lubbock that until he says something, they'll continue the torture, with today being level one.

Syura comes across Izou, who asks him how the torture is going. Syura responds by saying that Lubbock is showing signs of defeat, like the others, and once they know where the others are, they will snuff them out, as a terrified looking Lubbock is shown biting his arm and crying.

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