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Kill the Disaster (難局を斬る, Nankyoku o Kiru) is chapter 50 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


Mine and Akame are training hard, and Akame notices how motivated Mine is, and she responds it is because the 'Empire's Strongest' is after her boyfriend. Later that night, Tatsumi and Mine are were sitting in a room discussing Wild Hunt, and how they haven't been seen outside the Palace. Tatsumi offers to go into the Capital and assassinate any members of Wild Hunt should he encounter them, and Mine tells him how easy it is for those without wanted posters to go into the city. Tatsumi tells her that Esdeath will be coming back to the Capital, and when she does, he won't be able to go near the center. Learning her name, Mine asks Tatsumi if Esdeath did anything perverted to him when the two of them were stuck on that deserted island. He nervously replies that she only kissed him, but that was still enough to upset Mine. She holds his face in her hands and tells him that she will make him forget all about her in case she kissed him multiple times. A touched Tatsumi acknowledges back when Mine confessed to him that he has fallen head over heels for her.

Back at the Palace, Dorothea and Izou were overlooking a large capsule with Cosmina inside. Syura comes in and asked Dorothea how she was doing, with Dorothea responding about how jealous she was about her chest size. He tells her he was asking about if she was still useful, and Dorothea says that she will, because she was surprised at how close to death she was and even with her help, she was recovering. Dorothea reveals to Syura that Cosmina was originally called a 'witch' because her voice could manipulate people, so the people who feared her burned her house down and killed her family, which is what caused her to go insane. Dorothea finishes by saying that with Cosmina's vitality, she will be a fine subject for her alchemy. Dorothea then tells Syura that Champ and Enshin are dead, so he'll have to give up on them, which he immediately says he has because Enshin lost even when the moon was full, though Dorothea chalks it up to his 'strength' to move on. Dorothea adds that when her heart stopped, she started suffering some brain damage, and Syura says that as long as she's useful in battle, he don't care if she's completely retarded, wanting to be able to give something to his father.

While meeting with Honest at the table, the Minister is impressed by Cosmina's vitality, but with Wild Hunt's numbers lower, hunting Night Raid may be a problem for him now, though Syura says that as long as he has Izou, he can make up for any losses. Honest then brings in Suzuka for Syura to utilize, but he dismisses her because he considers the Four Rakshasa Demons weaklings for having only one left, but this behavior only thrills Suzuka. Honest adds that he sent her to the torture chamber for her failures but it only added to her joy, and Syura just suggests to have her killed. Honest reveals that Suzuka has some information that caused him to let her live, and she presents her information: a picture of Tatsumi. Suzuka explains he doesn't have a wanted poster and his Teigu is Incursio, which is probably allowing him to sleuth around the Capital. Syura immediately recognizes his face from when he ecountered Esdeath and Tatsumi in the mountains. Honest tells Syura he will give him soldiers with no ties to the Revolutionary Army for him to utilize, though he also adds he would rather not see him waste his 'gift'. Nevertheless, Syura accepts the gift. 

In another room, Kurome meets up with Wave and presents a cake for the two of them to share. She reaches for Yatsufusa to summon Run so they could all eat together, but Wave stops her, telling her not to use her powers for something like this, and she stands down. As she runs to get some tea, Wave thinks back to when Kurome revealed she had killed Run with Yatsufusa to reanimate him as a corpse, and she tells him he was worried about him, even when dying. Despite Kurome claiming that Run was still with them, Wave angrily yelled at her to let him rest in peace because he doesn't want to see his friend be turned into a puppet. Before Kurome could retort, she falls to the ground coughing. Wave moves to her, but Run stands him between the two of them. Wave asks if she is doing this to him, and she says that he moved on his own because her corpse puppets still retain their traits from their life, and Wave realizes, even when dead, Run is still caring for the two of them. Wave notices the blood on Kurome's hands and she tells him to forget about it, because it has been happening every now and then. Kurome tells Wave that Run is a good asset for them to use against Night Raid, so they must continue their duty.

In the present, Kurome asks Wave what he wants to drink and he replies with seaweed tea. He then notices that Kurome has become much happier, and resolves to make sure she doesn't feel burdened enough to use Run. He acknowledges she would get angry at him for thinking this way, but it is what he wants. Esdeath then comes in, asking if the two of them will share the cake with her.

Wave and Kurome inform Esdeath of Run's fate, which leaves her furious at Wild Hunt for their actions. Wave tells her that since that night, they have been laying low, but Kurome believes they are planning something. Esdeath resolves to no longer let Wild Hunt do as they please. The two then ask how the invasion of the Western Tribe went, and she answers that they haven't lost their will to fight, which is why she only left her army with them while she returned to prepare for the Revolutionary Army's next move. Esdeath tells her subordinates that with the Imperial Guard, victory will be theirs once the army in the south is destroyed. Kurome asks if they can actually win, she reassures her they will because she is present along with Budo, though she also notes that when the Imperial Guard is dispatched, the security of the Palace will be thin, so they should do something about Night Raid before that.

Syura ambushes Tatsumi and Lubbock

Syura's ambush.

A week later, Tatsumi in disguise meets up with Lubbock crossdressing, who asks him about Wild Hunt. Tatsumi tells him that he found no new leads, and there are no wanted posters of him despite his fear of going into the Capital. Lubbock, in turn, says that he hasn't found any leads himself, and they decide to give up on Wild Hunt for now. Suddenly, Syura warps from the sky with his Teigu and uses it the minute he lands between the two of them to warp them both into the Palace. As the two of them try to get their bearings, Syura reveals he set them up for a trap. Lubbock jumps back and ditches his disguise as he pulls out his Teigu, preparing for a fight, but he is immediately knocked unconscious by Izou, who struck him from behind with a sheathed Kosetsu. Suzuka then appears and jumps on to Tatsumi, and restrains him, who is shocked to see her alive. Dorothea appears and charges for Tatsumi and proceeds to drink his blood, becoming elated at how delicious it was.

Tatsumi, however, draws Incursio and transforms, blowing the two of them off of him. Before he can grab Lubbock, Esdeath comes out and sees him, realizing the person she fought back in Kyoroch was him. Budo also comes out, demanding to know who was causing a disturbance in the Palace. Syura announces that with his ambush and the invincible security, it is his checkmate.

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