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Kill the Slasher (辻斬りを斬る, Tsujigiri o Kiru) is chapter five of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


In an alley in the Capital, a pair of couples were beheaded by a man. With the increase in the number of deaths, both the Empire and Night Raid deploy to hunt down the criminal, Zanku the Beheader, a man that was previously on the Execution Team of the Empire, but eventually went insane after beheading too many people. Stealing a Teigu from the Empire, Zanku starts to go on a killing spree, randomly killing people.

Late at night, Night Raid splits into a group of two to hunt down Zanku and kill him, unaware that Zanku has been monitoring their movements through his Teigu, Spectator, as Zanku gains an interest in Tatsumi, who has teamed up with Akame.

While resting, Tatsumi temporarily leaves Akame to take a piss and is surprised to see one of his childhood friends, Sayo, alive. Chasing after her, Tatsumi manages to catch up and hugs her, only to learn that the Sayo he saw was an illusion made by Zanku through his Teigu. Realizing that he found their target, Tatsumi proceeds to attack Zanku, but to no avail as the Spectator allowed Zanku to read Tatsumi's thinking, easily countering Tatsumi. As Zanku declares his intention to see Tatsumi despair, Tatsumi strongly declares back to Zanku, his head won't be beheaded by the latter.

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