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Kill the Indecision (迷いを斬る, Mayoi o Kiru) is chapter 49 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


The beginning of the chapter shows the campground of Esdeath's army. She is seen enjoying herself around the campfire with her soldiers. She is then seen in her tent, reading some documents and thinking about Tatsumi, saying that she's going to return to the capital.

Meanwhile at Night Raid's secret hideout, Tatsumi and Mine were baking, but were interrupted by Lubbock. He asks the two lovebirds for help, regretting to even say it, with his love life. Seeing them being 'romantic and mushy' made him want to do the same with Najenda. Which then the three of them went to the conference room to discuss about Lubbock's problem. When he says that he doesn't have the guts to confess because it'll ruin the boss and his relationship, Mine shouted at him for not being a man. Instead of shouting back at Mine, Lubbock puts it all on Tatsumi, grabbing him by the collar.

Without them knowing, Najenda and Leone was listening to the whole conversation. Leone asks the boss what she was going to do (about Lubbock's love confession) and Najenda answers with now not being the time for love. Leone and Akame walks away Leone saying that the two would be lonely together whilst Najenda thought that after the revolution succeeds, the thought of Lubbock and her being together would be nice, indicating that she might have feelings for him.

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