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Kill the Foe (Part 2) (仇を斬る(後編), Kataki o Kiru (Kōhen)) is chapter 48 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


Run arrived at Wild Hunt's headquarters and greeted Cosmina, Enshin and Champ with a warm and friendly smile. While the two paid no attention to him whatsoever, Cosmina wanted to play, to which Run happily agreed before asking her about the whereabouts of the remaining members. She informed him that the others were with Syura, who was badly hurt, having sustained multiple injuries after being defeated in a fist fight against Wave. In reality, Run came with the intention to eliminate the group and seeing as how half of them were absent, this gave him an even greater opportunity.

Run approached Champ and whispered in his ear about an alleged shack nearby filled with cute children, to which Champ impatiently jumped at the chance to meet them. This gave Run a chance to draw him out into the open, without alerting any suspicion from the rest of the group. On the way, Champ noted Run's tendency to get on people's good sides, stating that this was all for him to have a chance at a promotion. Champ continuously expressed his fondness of children, bringing Run to pose a question as to what would bring him to kill someone he loves. Champ replied that he does not wish for the children, seeing them as angels, to grow up into adults, who he considered to be filth and scum, stating that angels should remain angels forever. Champ was pierced by Run's feathers, noticing that he couldn't throw his orbs in time. Run then brutally tortured Champ out of revenge for his students and attempted to kill him; however, Champ survived it and surprise attacked Run and Kurome with a combination of his Storm and Explosion Orbs which led to Run being fatally injured. He attempted to finish him off with his Flame Orb, but Run countered it by activating his own Teigu's trump card to reflect the orb back at Champ, who was then incinerated himself and burned alive with nothing left of him except his skeleton.

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