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Kill Your Cares (蟠りを斬る, Wadakamari o Kiru) is chapter four of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


Tatsumi accompanies Mine on her shopping due to his training arrangement by Najenda. While shopping, the two of them ended up seeing an execution site of innocent people who are framed and brutally killed. Tatsumi looking on in disgust over the situation, Mine tells him that this is a common thing in the Capital and vows that she'll survive and change things. At the palace, the Emperor orders the execution of another of his officers, Shoi, for questioning the current government of the Empire, with Honest adding oil to the fire by praising the Emperor and promising to take good care of Shoi's wife.

Upon night time, Night Raid goes to assassinate their latest target, Iokal, as per request by their client. Mine successfully kills Iokal in one shot while Akame and the others fend off the pursuers. One of them, however, Shihandai, goes after Tatsumi and Mine, ambushing the two of them, managing to corner both Tatsumi and Mine before Tatsumi creates an opportunity for Mine to kill him. As Mine prepares to praise Tatsumi for his actions, Tatsumi complains back on how close he was to being shot in the head.

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