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Kill the Trauma (トラウマを斬る, Torauma o Kiru) is chapter 39 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


The sun rises in Kyoroch as Akame wakes up saying that she's hungry. She notices Mine sleeping and comments that she's having a good dream.

As the day begins, Tatsumi and Lubbock head off to do some scouting. Susanoo reminds them to not get near the cathedral as they have reports that security has tightened. Lubbock tells him that they know and they wouldn't go there without some kind of plan. Susanoo gives the two of them lunch boxes which pleases Tatsumi, but he says that Akame ate half. Akame apologizes for doing so, even though she only planned to have a bite, but Tatsumi thanks her for at least saving some. Mine pops out and asks Tatsumi what he's doing and he tells her that they're going out to check the town and if possible, whittle down their forces until the underground tunnel is complete. Suddenly, Mine tells Lubbock to switch with her so she can go with Tatsumi. Akame asks her to not push herself, because even though a month has passed since her battle with Seryu, she hasn't fully recovered yet. Mine tells her that she's focused on getting better, so she'll be alright. She also quips that she can't rely on just Tatsumi and Lubbock, which is why she's going. Lubbock tries to point out that he killed two of the Rakshasa Demons, but Mine ignores him and heads out with Tatsumi. Akame assumes Mine wants to eat the lunch that was made, but Lubbock deduces that her thought process is off, as is Susanoo's, who believes she's upset for eating the food.

While Susanoo treats Lubbock's injuries, Lubbock expresses annoyance that Tatsumi might possibly seduce Mine. Susanoo tells him that it's a good thing he didn't go because he hasn't recovered from his battle either. Lubbock says that assassin techniques are scary, and that even after a month he still hasn't healed yet, but Susanoo tells him to be grateful that the injuries weren't life-threatening. Lubbock then yells that he can't stand being tended to by a man and wishes Najenda would nurse him back to health while expressing relief he survived such a reckless fight. Susanoo tells him that he probably wouldn't die even if he received a life-threatening wound. Lubbock then asks Susanoo what he thinks about Najenda and he tells him that he sees her as a master worthy of respect. Lubbock asks if that's it and he confirms, stating that he has no interest in women. This disturbs Lubbock until Susanoo clarifies by reminding him that he is a Teigu, so he can't love at all. Lubbock expresses relief but finds it contradictory that while Susanoo has a heart, he can't love, and that perhaps he just hasn't found the right person. He tells Susanoo that he'll help him find the perfect woman for him, and Susanoo accepts.

At the outskirts of town, Tatsumi comments that even though a ruin was destroyed, the city doesn't seem all that fazed by it, and Mine says that if a town can have that much energy, then they can easily stir a great rebellion. Tatsumi notices Mine looking at him and he asks her what she wants. She says that he seems to like the desert runner nuggets because it's all he's been eating. She offers him some of her food, and while he accepts, he is left suspicious why she's being so nice to him after all this time. As he contemplates what she's planning, Mine admires how cute Tatsumi looks when he's eating.

The Lord then appears before the two of them along with his company and asks if he can talk with them since chance encounters like this rarely happen. The two agree. The two of them tell him that they're travelers and Tatsumi says that he's surpised by the influence the Path of Peace provides. He asks the Lord if he's the founder and he confirms, saying that he has a mysterious power to heal wounds and see prophetic dreams ever since he was born, and the more he did that, the more followers he gained, proclaiming him a 'man of miracles', which is how it started. Tatsumi asks him if he can sense darkness in his followers, referring to what he knows about Bolic. The Lord says that there is no such thing as a human being without darkness, and while he admits some of the leaders have dark hearts, he has to make tough decisions when running the large organization. He also states that when he was by himself, he could only save those who were in front of him, and with the expanded organization, they've saved more, so he has chosen to believe in them. Mine thinks about what he said and says internally that when they kill Bolic, they can fill the Path of Peace with Revolutionary sympathizers and still create an uprising, even with his philosophy. But she also notes that he's too trusting, and at any moment he could be assassinated and become a real spirit, which is why they must assassinate Bolic. The Lord tells the two of them that they have gotten along better since the last time he saw them, and for them to treasure the moment given to them.

Back at the hideout, Tatsumi tells Najenda about his encounter with the Lord. Tatsumi expresses regret at taking advantage of him but also doesn't want to see him die. Najenda tells him to not be hasty, cause it could result in an encounter with Esdeath, and they don't have enough soldiers to fight her yet. He asks her how many they need to defeat her and she says fifty-thousand elite soldiers and ten Teigu users, including Akame. Tatsumi is left shocked by the numbers and she tells him that Grand General Budo and her are incredibly strong. She then decides to tell her how she got her prosthetic arm and missing right eye from her, but not before telling him how she rejected a man who proposed to her when she was still an Imperial General. He asks her what that was for and she says it was because he was being so lovey-dovey.

She starts her story by telling him that she was sent to a mountain called Farm to eliminate bandits who took root there, but in actuality they were Revolutionary Army members who made it their base camp, and only attacked government officials who were abusing their power. Since she was planning on joining them at some point, this was the chance to do so. She told the men following her that the real enemy is the corrupt Empire oppressing the people with their power, and as of now she'll abandon them and serve the Revolutionary Army to make it a country of peace. She also tells her soldiers that she knows they have families back home and she won't force them to join, nor will she hunt them down should they desert the army, but if any of them will side with her, then they must lend her their strength. Her speech was met with thunderous applause, and she joined the Revolutionary Army.

She and her soldiers made their way to the main branch of the Revolutionary Army, fighting back young, inexperienced soldiers sent to stop them. However, she never expected Esdeath to march all the way out to confront her, which is what happened. She apologized to her lieutenant for her miscalculation but he says that as long as they have their Teigu and they have a few enemies, they can take him. Instantly, his head is cut off by Esdeath. Najenda draws Pumpkin and fires at her, but Esdeath fires many ice shards at her, one of them impaling her right eye. Esdeath gets behind Najenda and tells her how disappointed she is in how she chose to betray the Empire, and swears to make her death agonizing and painful. Her soldiers charge at Esdeath, but she freezes them in place as well as freezing Najenda's right arm and shattering it, while telling her that she always held her in high regard as a commander.

After Najenda fell off her horse, Esdeath sees the Revolutionary Army reinforcments coming, which she didn't expect they'd arrive so soon. In addition to how tired her forces are from the long march, she decides to avoid another consecutive battle and retreats. 

Najenda concludes her story with the loss of many good troopers and the life-threatening injuries she sustained and how it all showed her how outclassed she was against her, while also proposing the possibility that she spared her so she could start more wars with her. Nevertheless, she tells Tatsumi that she's still alive, and in the end, she will win and purge the trauma of the world, leaving Tatsumi amazed at her resolve.

As night falls, the Jaegers meet up in the cathedral. Kurome notes that she still hasn't fully recovered from her injuries, but Wave assures her that he'll pick up her slack. Esdeath, on the other hand, eagerly awaits Najenda's arrival, saying that she has prepared her Teigu's Trump Card.

Outside, Susanoo and Leone finally finish the tunnel, saying that they can finally make their move.

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