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Kill the Fate (Part 3) (因縁を斬る (後編), Innen o Kiru (Kōhen)) is chapter 38 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


As Mine laid on the ground facing the sky, she thinks back to when she was younger and how she was picked on for being a half-blood foreigner, and when she looked around at the people passing by and saw that none of them would help an injured child, she realized that the only one who can help her is herself, and until she can change the world into one where there is no irrational discrimination, she can't afford to die in a place like this. She changes Pumpkin to long barrel mode as Seryu and Koro charge at her from the air. She yells at them to not underestimate Pumpkin as she unleashes a strong blast of energy that cuts Koro in half, destroying its core and shocking Seryu, but she brushes it off and decides to detach her prosthetic arms and pull out her hidden guns to finish off Mine. Mine, however, with Sheele and Chelsea in her thoughts, uses her Trump Card to unleash a blast of energy so overwhelming she bifurcates Seryu, much to her disbelief, as she loses against Mine, avenging Sheele, Chelsea and everyone else Seryu has killed.

Mine tells Seryu that Pumpkin uses energy from her emotions, and her passion makes her stronger, so it was her loss for pushing her over the edge. Seryu starts laughing, declaring that justice will never lose and evil will always die as she activates the last weapon of the Ten Heavenly Kings: Chakravartin Furnace of Five Hells; a grenade in her head. Seryu tells Mine there are only fifteen seconds left, causing Mine to realize what's about to happen. Seryu explains she got the bomb from Dr. Stylish, ensuring she won't lose because she can still take evil with her. Mine tries to shoot her but Pumpkin is overheated so she can't use it, forcing her to flee. Seryu yells that it's futile due to the injuries she's sustained and tells her that her fate has been decided, so she should just die cowering in fear. As Mine gets out of view site, a dying Koro slinks over to Seryu, where she learns that it can't regenerate anymore now that it's core is destroyed. With tears in her eyes and no longer laughing, Seryu sadly states that she doesn't want to die in a place like this, especially since she still wants to purge all evil, apparently showing no remorse for her crimes and ignoring that she herself is evil. With Esdeath in her last thoughts, the bomb goes off, killing her and Koro, putting an end to her killing rampage once and for all.

Mine trips on a rock and falls to the ground as she flees the explosion. Unable to get back up, she becomes furious at how she'll die soon, especially after avenging her teammates. As she thinks of the rest of Night Raid in her head, she wonders why she's thinking of them since she considers them all 'misfits'. As the explosion reaches near, Mine closes her eyes in wake of her fate.

When she opens them however, she is surprised that she has been saved by Tatsumi, who managed to get her far away from the explosion. Tatsumi tells Mine that he was too weak to help Bulat and too late to save Chelsea, but he was determined to not let anyone die. He expresses relief that he saved Mine as she starts tearing up. Mine asks Tatsumi what happened to Suzuka, and he explains.

It is revealed that Tatsumi chased Suzuka into the ruins. She asks him if he'll attack her by turning invisible like before and that that will be useless for him. Tatsumi tells her that that wasn't his plan and that he intends to bring her down with brute force, which he does by causing the ruins to collapse with his spear. Despite Suzuka's best attempts to escape, she is crushed by the falling debris.

Mine calls Tatsumi a 'good-for-nothing' brute for the way he won, but Tatsumi remined Mine of how he told her that he'd back her up if she was in danger, and he came to her rescue because he had her in his thoughts. Mine says that he's making it sound like she owes him, especially since it was so last minute. Nevertheless, she gratefully thanks him for saving her, causing Tatsumi to blush in response as the sun comes up.

The next day, Run approaches Esdeath and relays to her the news of Seryu's death. Esdeath responds by thinking that all that potential had now gone to waste, but she disregards her anyway as she does not care for the weak who dies. The kids Seryu played with before head back to the cathedral hoping she would be there, but are left confused when they can't find her, unaware that she is dead now.

Jaegers: Four remaining.

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