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Kill the Fate (Part 2) (因縁を斬る (中編), Innen o Kiru (Chūhen)) is chapter 37 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


Seryu has Koro pull out three of her Ten Heavenly Kings, declaring she will bombard the two evil people she sees in front of her: Tatsumi, whom she says betrayed Esdeath's high expectations, and Mine, who is a part of Night Raid.

Seryu unleashes a barrage of artillery from her weapons, but learns to her shock that the both of them survived after she checks her radar. As she continues her bombardment, it is revealed that Tatsumi activated Incursio and managed to escape the area with Mine just in time, with Tatsumi having identified Seryu as a member of the Jaegers. After dodging the rest of Seryu's arsenal, they finally managed to escape her range.

As Mine pulls out her scouter, she locates Suzuka running away, identifying her as the last Rakshasa Demon. Tatsumi picks up Mine and wonders about their next course of action: Lubbock is still recovering from his fights, Leone and Susanoo are still digging, and Akame and Najenda are investigating the other side of town. Ultimately, he believes that they can't call for reinforcements in case Suzuka brings some of her own, and that the two of them should flee.

Mine tells Tatsumi to put her down and pursue Suzuka while she takes care of Seryu. Tatsumi says it's a bad idea for her to fight someone so heavily armed, but Mine points out that the Rakshasa Demons were able to kill multiple spies and even attack Lubbock, indicating that they know how to distinguish who is underground and who isn't. This makes them a huge threat to the Revolutionary Army that needs to be dealt with, which is why she wants to fight Seryu. Understanding this, Tatsumi takes off in pursuit of Suzuka, promising to back Mine up when he's done, which she accepts.

As Seryu faces Mine, she has Koro pull out a large missile, internally noting that Tatsumi is heading for Suzuka, which she considers a foolish decision as she doesn't believe Mine can defeat her by herself. She fires the missiles, but Mine destroys it in one shot, leaving Seryu shocked. She grapples over to Mine's position and sends Koro to attack her, but Mine quickly shoots at Koro's core, disabling it for a moment.

Tatsumi catches up to Suzuka as she extends her fingernails at him. He blocks the attack and notes that it's the "Gimicky Body" technique he's heard of. He jumps into the air with his spear but she easily grabs it and slams him down on the ground while also noting he broke a nail of hers. Suzuka says that she was surprised that someone was able kill Mez and Ibara, but deduces it wasn't him, revealing that she knows he's inexperienced in real combat. Suzuka decides that if Tatsumi is armored that heavily, she'll just hold out until he gives into the strain. Tatsumi, on the other hand, with his heart filled with regrets, reaffirms his desire to overcome this difference in strength, and fast.

As Mine and Seryu face one another, Seryu tells Mine she will deliver justice on to her personally, telling her that she'll make her food for Koro like the rest of her friends. When Mine inquires what she means, Seryu reveals that Chelsea's body was consumed by Koro after she was killed, and that she, like Sheele, were both like snacks, which she intends to make Mine out of.

An infuriated Mine merely tells Seryu that while she speaks of justice, she blindly trusted Ogre and Dr. Stylish, never once realizing that they were the evil ones. In addition to the twisted laugh and smile she gave, which reminds Mine of the evil men in the Empire, causes her deduce the only logical explanation: she's insane. After drawing Pumpkin, Mine tells Seryu that while she isn't a target, she'll make sure to kill her.

Seryu disregards Mine's statements about her and has Koro grow an arm and provide her with large drill weapon, saying that all Mine has done is give Koro time to regenerate. The two of them charge, but Mine unleashes several powerful shots at Koro, immobilizing it at every shot, leaving Seryu stunned at this boost in power. Mine declares she was waiting to make the fight a two-on-one, as Pumpkin gets stronger the more danger she's in. Seryu tells Koro to stand its ground because Mine can't continue this attack forever, but Mine says that since she's fought it once already, she roughly knows where Koro's core is, so it won't be long as she keeps shooting at the weakened Koro until its core is exposed.

Unwilling to let that happen, Seryu activate its Trump Card: Berserker Mode. After it transforms, it unleashes its howling scream, but Mine puts earplugs in to negate the sound. With Koro forced to sit out the battle in order to recover from Mine's shots, Seryu leaps at her with Enma's Spear of Justice and fires it at Mine to counter her next shot. Mine gets out of the way as the spear lands next to her and explodes, blowing Mine off the cliff. She slows down her descent with Pumpkin and notes that while Seryu's weapons aren't Teigu, they are certainly strong. Seryu slides down the cliffside, but Mine shoots her in the side, causing an enraged Seryu to pull out the gun in her mouth. Mine uses Pumpkin to block it, but it gives Seryu enough time to get in close and assault Mine with a barrage of punches, screaming that she'll beat her to death if she has to.

She blows Mine back a distance, but is unable to finish her assault due to the injuries she sustained earlier. Koro arrives after regenerating and Seryu tells it that they'll attack her on two fronts.

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