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Kill the Fate (Part 1) (因縁を斬る (前編), Innen o Kiru (Zenpen)) is chapter 36 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


Lubbock tells Mez and Sten to come at him, to which Mez retorts that he's the one attacking first by flinging his threads from his Teigu everywhere. Sten manages to get in close and tells Lubbock that he will free his soul, but Lubbock uses his threads to create a barrier to protect himself from Sten's barrage of attacks, while also retorting he didn't want the 'old man' to come at him. After ending his barrage, Sten deduces that the threads Lubbock is using is a Teigu, where Mez says that she'll be sure to crack his skull and kill him. Lubbock merely says that that type of flirting won't turn him on at all.

Lubbock bundles Cross Tail's threads into an axe which he then spins around at high speed to raise its centrifugal force. Mez extends one of her fingernails at his arm, claiming his attack has too many openings. However, Lubbock reveals he had this threads wrapped around his arm for protection, saying that his attack doesn't. He jumps into the air and swings down his axe on Sten, but the Rakshasa Demon merely catchs the axe in his hands and saying that if this attack of his was his Trump Card, then he isn't very impressed. Lubbock immediately backs up, but tells the two of them that he's accomplished his goal already, for when he tells them to look behind them, they realize the girl was gone.

As Lubbock starts retreating, Sten expresses annoyance that he was being 'flashy' on purpose to let the girl escape. Nevertheless, he charges at full spead after Lubbock, to which Lubbock asks Sten if that's a wise idea. Lubbock then explains that Cross Tail's threads were made from the body hair of a Danger Beast that lived in the clouds in the east, and that the threads close to its vital spots are incredibly stiff and rigid. So much so that the thread made from those particular hairs are sharper than his normal thread, which is why he calls it "Realm-Cutting Threads"; his best thread that he believes not even Sten can break.

Sure enough, Sten charges at the threads that Lubbock left behind him that Sten is unable to cut through, and he gets his neck sliced a bit by the threads. Lubbock then throws a spear made of threads at Sten, impailing him. Sten tells Lubbock that this won't be enough to finish him, but Lubbock reveals that he untangled the threads inside Sten's body which then surround his heart. Lubbock reels back in the wires and slices Sten's heart to pieces, killing him.

After Sten dies, Mez comes over and praises Lubbock for his victory, while also saying that the Minister will be angry with them for this. Lubbock tells her that becaus she's seen his Teigu, he has to kill her. Mez brushes it off, saying that since the two of them are assassins, it's to be expected. Mez unleashes a liquid onto the threads surrounding Lubbock, weighing them down and making them virutally useless. Mez explains that the substance she secreted is her sweat, which seems to have the same properties of oil. With the barrier he left weakened, Mez charges at Lubbock and proceeds to jump around the alleyway at insane speed that Lubbock can't keep up with before getting punched in his side, blowing him back a bit.

As Lubbock lays on the ground, he realizes he can't get back up after that attack, and that the next one will probably kill him. He throws two knives at Mez as she approaches him but she dodges, telling him to not be so desperate. As she grabs him by the shirt, Lubbock tells Mez that if she wasn't his enemy he'd try to seduce her because she's cute. Mez laughs it off and tells Lubbock that she doesn't hate guys like him, so she probably would've been okay with it. She prepares to unleash her final attack on to him while saying that perhaps in the next life.

Before Mez can finish him, she gets impaled by the two knives Lubbock threw prior, as Lubbock reveals he tied his threads to the ends of the knives and reeling in the threads pulled them back. After she lets go of Lubbock and falls to the ground, Lubbock stabs her in the back with the knife, killing her. He closes her eyes and proceeds to leave, while lamenting the fact he had to kill a pretty girl.

Back at Bolic's personal room, he tells a woman that she has been chosen to become a disciple to their Lord, which pleases the woman, as it means she can see his miracles at work. Bolic thinks about her words and reveals that after sending a bit of his blood to Dr. Stylish, they discovered he is part Danger Beast, explaining his supernatural abilities, though it's something not even he knows about. Bolic tells the woman that there is wickedness inside her, so she can't join unless she strips for him to perform a 'cleansing ceremony', which she does. As Bolic embraces her, he says that until the religious organization takes over, he'll enjoy what he's doing to the utmost ability.

As two weeks pass, it is revealed that because the Jaegers confirmed Night Raid's prescence and raised their alert level, in addition to losing several spies, Night Raid hasn't been able to move very efficiently, trapping both sides in a stalemate.

During her free time, Seryu is playing with the children in Kyoroch, saying to herself that doing so makes her feel relaxed, and that being able to guide them down the 'right path' while they're still young brings her joy. Suzuka, who was watching her along with Wave and Kurome, says that her ulterior motive is very obvious, so she should tone it down. Wave asks Suzuka if she's with them now, but she says that she's just helping out while also getting excited by the idea of being 'ordered' by 'her', which gives Wave an unsettling reminder of Dr. Stylish. As Suzuka does some reconnaissance atop a building, she spots Mine and Tatsumi walking in disguise, and notes that the way she looks makes her seem suspicious. She proceeds to alert Seryu about it.

Mine and Tatsumi head back to the outskirts of the city, with Mine complaining about being in disguise. Tatsumi tells her it's because they're short on spies so they need to gather information. He asks if she would've preferred to dig underground with Leone and Susanoo, but she quickly says no. Mine then gets in close to Tatsumi's face asking if the makeup on her face washed off. Tatsumi nervously says that it's off, and Mine asks while blushing if he's still hung up on what the Lord told them before. He claims he isn't and that she's the one taking it seriously, to which Mine denies. She then brings up how she was swallowed by the Kaiser Frog while fighting the Jaegers and how he didn't rescue her while she was inside it, and how someone 'bound' to the thread, wouldn't have let that happen. Tatsumi retorts that he was busy at the time.

Seryu and Suzuka find Mine and Tatsumi together, where Seryu identifies her. Suzuka asks Seryu if it's okay for her to be this far out on her own, wondering if she should've alerted Esdeath. She tells Suzuka that since Esdeath is on guard duty, she can make her own decisions based on her own judgement. She then recognizes Tatsumi next to Mine, and has Koro pull out her Justice City Detector while expressing anger that Tatsumi has been 'consumed' by evil simply by being with Mine.

Seryu uses her detector and learns that only the two of them are there. She tells Suzuka to relay a message to Esdeath immediately, to which Suzuka does. Seryu then smiles evilly, telling Night Raid that she will purge all of their evil from her current position, adding that if she kills them, she'll just tell Esdeath that she couldn't hold back.

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