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Kill the Demon (Part 2) (鬼を斬る (後編), Oni o Kiru (Kōhen)) is chapter 35 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


Mez and Sten begin their attack on Lubbock. As he moves through the alleyway with his Teigu, he wonders how was it that the two of them were able to figure him out. Mez extends her arm and lands a blow on Lubbock, who falls to the ground. She checks his pulse and finds none, and is left disappointed at how easy it seemed to kill him.

Meanwhile, Suzuka manages to find one of the Revolutionary Army's spy hideouts, though sees that it doesn't have anyone strong present, so perhaps there are others. Nevertheless, she decides to kill all the people she sees. The spies attack her from behind, but it only seems to arouse her, and after blowing all of them into the air, she kills them all by extending her fingertails and stabbing them all. She tells them that the pain they've provided her isn't enough to satisfy her, so she may end up confronting 'her' to find that true pleasure.

In Kyoroch at the front of the cathedral, Esdeath approaches Seryu, who was guarding it, and asks her why she was looking so serious. Seryu tells Esdeath that Bolic is a vulgar man and she can't see why they're guarding him. Esdeath tells Seryu to think of them guarding him as using him as bait to draw out Night Raid. She then tells her to relax while she's on this mission. When Seryu asks how to do that, Esdeath calls out to some kids who were playing with Koro, saying that Seryu wants to join in. Esdeath says that it's break time for her, and having some entertainment isn't all that bad.

At the outskirts of the town, Tatsumi and Mine are resting together after their day of reconnaissance. Tatsumi comments on how many places they went to and Mine says that Kyoroch is a diverse place where she would like to go shopping after they're done with their mission. Tatsumi retorts that her shopping would probably take days but Mine says that would be the normal amount of time while also saying that it's shallow for a man to not pardon a woman's shopping. Tatsumi equally says that it's shallow for a woman to call a guy shallow, leading to an argument between the two as Mine says they should see who should be higher ranked and Tatsumi says there shouldn't even be any ranks between teammates.

Their argument is then interrupted by the arrival of The Lord and his followers, shocking the two of them. The Lord reveals that he checks up on the outskirts of town every now and then, explaining his prescense. Tatsumi notes that Bolic isn't present, deducing he's probably hiding in his base. The Lord then tells the two of them that they're bound by the red thread of fate, and should instead confess their love to each other. This leaves Tatsumi and Mine flabbergasted by this statement.

Back at the cemetary, Run tells Akame that he will be doing a one-sided attack, and unleashes feathers from his Teigu that she dodges while the spies decide to get away as to not drag Akame down during the fight. As Akame draws Murasame to deflect the feathers Run fires, he decides to descend a bit to give his feathers more power. As he gets closer, he realizes he has descended from his initial distance quite a bit and that Akame was purposefully dodging by a hair to lure him into a false sense of victory so that she can cut him down. As Run debates his next course of action, he decides to retreat and inform Esdeath that Night Raid is indeed present in Kyoroch.

As Akame watches Run fly away, she is then surprised by the arrival of Ibara, whom she thought she would confront when it came time to assassinate the Minister at the very end of it all. Ibara tells her that she's slipping if she lets someone who has seen her walk away, and that he intends to punish her for her treason while tossing the heads of the spies to her feet. An enraged Akame charges at Ibara as he extends his fingernails. She dodges and tries to slash Ibara but he narrowly dodges the strike before unleashing his hair as sharp needles that Akame backs away from. Ibara explains to Akame that the Four Rakshasa Demons, in addition to undergoing rigorous training, also drank the broth of the Lake Kraken that lives in the mountains behind their temple, which has given them the ability to control their own bodies. Ibara then unleashes a barrage of attacks on Akame before grabbing Murasame and taking it out of her hands.

Just as Ibara takes it though, he senses a dangerous aura eminating from it, leaving him distracted long enough for Akame to get on his shoulders and twist his head before taking Murasame back. Ibara realizes that she let her Teigu go on purpose to land that blow on him. Akame tells Ibara that because he considered Murasame ominous, she didn't think he'd be compatible with it. An infuriated Ibara then charges at Akame only to be cut to pieces as she tells him that Murasame didn't like him. Ibara tells Akame how dangerous she is before he dies. Akame then worries if the others will be safe since now both the Rakshasa Demons are in Kyoroch in addition to the Jaegers.

Back with Lubbock, it is revealed that Lubbock used his threads as armor to block the attack from Mez and stopped his pulse by slipping crow steel into his body and binding his blood vessels, effectively faking his death. As he lies there, Sten is waiting for Mez to return as Lubbock says to himself that he wants to avoid a confrontation with them if the Jaegers are to appear and would rather not want to play dead any longer than he has.

Mez then appears chasing a girl over to Sten. As the two of them corrner her, Lubbock identifies the girl as a member of the spy team and that the two of them are treating the alleyway as their hunting ground since no one else is present. He internally apologizes to her for being unable to help her and that she should've been prepared for this fate as a result of her job.

However, just as Sten grabs her by the throat and she begs for help, Lubbock drops his ruse and throws a knife at him that he catches. Mez tells Lubbock that he should've continued to pretend to play dead but he tells her that while he does his best to avoid a head-to-head fight, he will go all-out if he fights seriously, and tells the two of them to come at him as he readies his threads.

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