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Kill the Demon (Part 1) (鬼を斬る(前編), Oni o Kiru (Zenpen)) is chapter 34 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


At the Headquarters of the Path of Peace in Kyoroch, the Jaegers are all wearing fancy dresses and suits. Wave says he feels that it doesn't feel right to wear fancy clothes like that, and Seryu agrees by saying that she feels dresses don't suit her. Run tells her it looks good on her but she says she may not be able to dispense justice wearing it. Esdeath comes out and tells her that this is a welcoming party, so everyone can enjoy themselves.

Outside, Night Raid is staking out the mansion where Bolic is. They decide to keep calm and formulate a plan to finish off the Jaegers, who they know are also in Kyoroch.

As the party goes underway, Bolic tells the Jaegers that when he felt threatened and requested aid from the Minister, he never expected the strongest soldier in the Empire to come, which makes him feel rather assured. She tells him that only her loyal subordinates are with her, and that they will enjoy themselves while they're here, to which Bolic assures they won't be bored. Esdeath then inquires about the spies on the ceiling. With a snap of his fingers, four figures drop down from the ceiling, to which Bolic introduces to the Jaegers as the Kouken Temple Rakshasa Demons, who were lent to him to keep the church under his thumb. Esdeath is surprised, as she hadn't seen them in the Capital, but now she knows why. Bolic tells them that now he can send them on the front lines, but Seryu interrupts him, telling him that it's possible Night Raid is in town and it would be good if they had Teigu to fight back.

Instantly, one of the four demons, Ibara, gets behind her and tells her that the four of them have taken down Teigu users with their bare hands, while also telling her to cool her mind. Another one, Suzuka, says that they have delivered five Teigus to the Minster. Another one, Sten, says that Teigu users are still humans, and the last one, Mez, says there are countless ways to kill them. Bolic tells the Jaegers that the Four Demons are executioners employed by the Minister, so he considers them very effective. Ibara mockingly tells Seryu to sit back and let them handle everything, but is surprised when Esdeath gets behind him, telling him to never drop his guard, to which he praises her. Esdeath then thinks about how capable these people are, even though he sent them as well, leaving her annoyed by how much the Minister holds the Path of Peace in high regard. Wave notices Kurome spacing out. He asks her if she's alright, which she replies that she's alright. Wave looks at Kurome's bandaged neck from her injury from Chelsea, and is still left worried.

A few days ago, in the town of Romari, Wave and Run found the unconscious Kurome. Wave becomes furious with himself, believing that if he had been there sooner, then Bols would still be alive, especially since he had a family. Run reassures him that it wasn't his fault because he was trying to protect her during the ambush. Wave tells him not to say it so lightly, but Run lets him know that he understands too. The two of them left with her to get some shelter.

Later, Esdeath comes in asking if Kurome is okay, to which Run says she is and she's just sleeping, and with how long she lasted, she'll be okay. Esdeath reveals she dissected Chelsea's body after it was retrieved, but was unable to gain any information from it, deducing that the muscles she had assured she was a professional. She then hands her remains to Seryu for Koro to devour. Esdeath tells her subordinates that they must now leave for Kyoroch for a mission, as the target they have been tasked to guard is most likely a target for Night Raid, meaning that fighting them wasn't their true objective. Esdeath is left furious for being outsmarted by Najenda, as the information she obtained from the bandits that attacked her was from an outsider, but she knew it was a plan she'd concoct; not only did they get slowed down, but were used as bandit cleanup. Nevertheless, she says she won't fall for the same trick twice, and will surely destroy them in Kyoroch.

Kurome then gets up, flexing her arms and saying that now that she's rested, she's ready. Kurome asks Esdeath if she can join them, to which Esdeath responds with a kick that Kurome blocks. She believes Kurome can still fight and tells her that she'll have her work her fill when they're there. She then gives the four of them 30 minutes to prepare.

As Wave packs his stuff, he comments that Kurome left him surprised, thinking it wouldn't have been strange if she had died from a wound like that. He then finds some fish he hadn't eaten and decides to give it to Kurome. He walks to her room and knocks on her door, but when she doesn't immediately respond, he opens it and sees her on her knees against the wall. Wave realizes she has still not recovered and prepares to tell Esdeath, but is stopped by Kurome, who tells him that those who are in the Assassin Squad are terminated if they can't fight, and if she gets kicked out of the Jaegers because of this, she may end up dead. Wave tells her that he can get Esdeath to protect her, but Kurome insists she must fight, because she wasn't born to die without fighting. As she tells him she's alright, Wave gets the feeling that she's trying to convince herself rather than him. With Kurome weakened by the injury to the neck and her lack of corpse puppets for Yatsufusa, Wave resolves to pick up both his slack and Kurome's.

In the present, Kyoroch is described as a town far east of the Capital that flourishes due to abundant natural resources below ground, and that many builders dedicated to the Path of Peace have been erected, changing the town into a metropolis with its own unique culture. Tatsumi is walking with Mine and noting how there aren't any wanted posters circulating this far out, but Mine says the Jaegers are probably distributing them, so they can't let their guard down. As she's saying that, he buys an ice cream and offers it to her, saying that if they don't relax the enemy may recognize them. Mine is suprised at how far Tatsumi has come, even though he was sad when Chelsea was killed, he is calmly moving through the next mission. Mine accepts the ice cream and enjoys the taste, while Tatsumi comments on how lively the town is due to the religion. The two of them decide to continue to map out the town and not get near the central area where the Jaegers are policing, while leaving the area near the church to Lubbock.

As Lubbock walks around the marketplace, he says that it's good that there are so many people here, as it makes it easy to blend in to search. He starts thinking about how lucky he is that his face and name aren't known, so if he gets a lot of information for Najenda, he may 'score' some points with her, which delights him. However, he gets noticed by Mez and Sten. Mez says that he's surveying the area based on the way he walks, while Sten says that he can tell he's being careful, but he can see him as a man who has seen many battles. The both agree to eliminate him.

As night falls, Akame is with the Revolutionary Army spy team in the graveyard, and learns that there is an underground passageway beneath the graveyard that leads to Bolic's mansion, and that it might be a good idea to station some men there while carrying out the assassination. Akame says that if they could find the location of the passageway's entrance, they could get to Bolic's mansion that way, though the spies say it would be hard to find because the graveyard is spacious and there could be traps.

She then immediately gets herself and the two spies out of the way as several feathers pierce the ground. She draws Murasame as she comes face to face with Run, who was doing reconnaissance from the sky with his Teigu. Akame identifies the Teigu as Mastema and that he's a member of the Jaegers as she prepares for a fight.

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