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Kill the Reminiscences (追憶を斬る, Tsuioku o Kiru) is an extra chapter of the manga series, Akame Ga Kill!.


While camping on the outskirts of Kyoroch, in preparation for an upcoming assassination, Tatsumi relives a series of three memories in a dream, each one revolving around a different fallen comrade from Night Raid thus far. Alongside Chelsea, who's death is still fresh in his mind, Tatsumi also recalls Bulat and Sheele, all of which he feels guilty he could not protect.

The first memory shown is of Sheele, showing how Tatsumi first began to witness her forgetful nature. Taking place at Night Raid's original hideout, Tatsumi sees Sheele sitting alone at the meeting room table and asks her how she got the scar on her right cheek. Sheele says that she does not actually know, but Mine happens to walk in and reminds her that she got it during a mission they did together. Sheele pipes up after remembering and recalls the "fierce battle" that she received it in. A flashback occurs, showing Sheele and Mine crouched down in a treeline, lying in wait for a target. Sheele is cleaning her glasses and Mine warns her to be careful not to drop them, otherwise she will "be as blind as a bat" and no help when the target shows up. The former argues back, saying that she could still see well enough without them and proudly stands up to demonstrate she could still move nimbly, only to end up cutting her face on a tree branch. The flashback ends with Sheele gleefully finishing her tale, but Tatsumi points out that the injury had nothing to do with a "fierce battle" like she said. Mine warns him that Sheele is always like this and to not pay her any mind in the future.

The secondly memory features Bulat, when Tatsumi properly confronted him on whether he was actually gay. At the beginning, Tatsumi and Lubbock are relaxing in the original hideout's hot springs, where the latter then quizzes Tatsumi on who he thinks is the most attractive out of their female teammates. Seeing the former hesitate at the question, Lubbock begins clearly outlining each of the girl's personalities to force an answer. First is Akame, who he calls "honest and cool" with a charming poker face. Second is Mine, with her "stuck-up and standoffish rich girl" aesthetic. Thirdly is Leone, the "mature sex appeal" and most laidback of the bunch. Then lastly Sheele, who is "gentle" and the "kind, older sister" type. After Tatsumi still avoids the question, Bulat suddenly appears by jumping in with them, teasing Tatsumi that he must be saving the vote for his "hidden choice," Bulat himself. Tatsumi turns to Lubbock to confirm that Bulat is not being serious, but sees that Lubbock just ran off, leaving Tatsumi and Bulat alone in the spring together. Tatsumi works up the courage to ask Bulat whether he actually likes guys, but Bulat laughs it off and tells him not to take his comments too seriously. The memory ends as the pair's conversation drifts to other things and Tatsumi reflecting in his head that he never fully figured out what Bulat meant by his previous statement. Whether Bulat was joking, or that he was gay, but was just casually flirting as opposed to being seriously in love, Tatsumi could not tell in the end.

The third and final memory features Chelsea, taking place while her and Akame were overseing some of Tatsumi's training at the waterfall near the second Night Raid hideout. Whilst Tatsumi is practing, the two girls were standing by, when Chelsea suddenly walks up behind Akame and starts to lift her skirt up playfully. Tatsumi notices and Akame quickly karate chops Chelsea on the head to get her to stop, which the latter then seemed strangely happy out. Tastsumi, totally confused by the whole exchange, asks Chelsea what she was trying to do, and she explains that she was testing whether Akame "had any modesty as a girl." Equally taken aback by Chelsea's actions, Akame speaks up and claims that she is, in fact, "well-versed in all aspects of common sense." Satisfied with her answer, Chelsea invites Akame to go shopping with her once the new nation is founded so that they can spice up the latter's wardrobe. Chelsea then turns to Tatsumi and jokes that his clothing choices could do with a little polishing as well. The memory draws to a close with Chelsea laughing at her own joke at Tatsumi's expense.

One last set of Tatsumi reflective comments are shown within a fade-to-black, where he wishes that he could have spent more time with all three of his fallen friends and fought more battles alongside them. Tatsumi is then awoken from his dream by Akame who tells him that they are about to move on Kyoroku, he sleepily crawls out of his tent to see Mine ready there with them. The chapter finishes with Tatsumi feeling happy that he got to see his friends one last time and promises to see changing the county through to the end so that none of his other friends have to die.

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