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Kill the Strengthened Human (強化人間を斬る, Kyōka Ningen o Kiru) is chapter 33 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


The chapter starts with a flashback. It is revealed in the past that as the Empire started declining, the information agency of the Empire put a plan into motion where they would forcibly train 100 pure children in martial arts and deal with rebellions, an organization known as the "Assassination Squad", to which Akame and Kurome were a part of. They were tested based on their qualities and the seven best (Akame was one of them) were a special group sent to a remote region to become assassins while the others (Kurome was one of them) were given drugs to enhance their performance.

Chelsea meets up with Lubbock, who praises her for killing Bols without letting him get away. Chelsea told Lubbock she was glad he came so quickly as he was afraid of seeing another Bols. Chelsea tells him she will chase down Kurome before she meets up with Esdeath. Lubbock tells her that while she left the boundaries of his barrier, he knows where she's going. He also tells her that it's pretty dangerous to do so and to not be so reckless, instead suggesting they meet up with the rest of the group. Chelsea tells him that by then it'll be too late, preferring to deal with Kurome before she gets more puppets. She tells Lubbock to inform the rest of where she is and to send some combatants to back her up. Lubbock runs off to do so as Chelsea realizes she's getting rather soft. She psyches herself up and heads off to kill Kurome.

Back with Night Raid, Susanoo is bandaging up Mine, who complains that she wants to change already, to which Susanoo tells her she can when he's done. Akame asks Leone if she's okay to which she confirms, waiting for Lubbock to return to help re-attach her severed arm. Tatsumi is left surprised by this which Leone says is her Teigu's special ability. Najenda speaks up and says that Susanoo can regenerate much faster, much to the other's annoyance. Tatsumi express relief that Leone's arm will be fine, to which Akame agrees.

Mine tells Leone that Pumpkin doesn't need regenerative abilities like Lionel, since it gets stronger the more danger she's in. Susanoo then applies the medical herbs, which stings Mine's arm. Tatsumi tells her it's tough being uncool when trying to be cool, causing an argument to occur between the two. Najenda sees Lubbock return and expresses relief that they can track Kurome's route.

As Kurome walks back to the city, she laments how she lost six of her puppets, and that it'll be tough to gather that type of force again. She sits on a stump to rest a bit while she eats her sweets. Just then, Chelsea appears disguised as Bols, expressing relief that Kurome is okay to which Kurome reciprocates. Thinking back to what Tatsumi said about the Jaegers, she decides to hold off on an attack until an opening presents itself due to the doping Kurome has in her system.

Back with Night Raid, Najenda is informed of Bols' death at Chelsea's hands and her pursuit of Kurome. Mine tells Najenda that based on how Kurome dodged her shot, it's possible there's more than just doping in her system, indicating something not even Akame knows. She says that Chelsea may not be able to pull off the attack, to which Najenda sends Tatsumi and Akame to chase after her, to which the two agree.

As Kurome walks with the disguised Chelsea, Chelsea notes she hasn't seen an opening yet. Just as she considers retreating, Kurome stumbles and falls, realizing she hadn't finished her sweets. Chelsea asks Kurome if she's okay to which Kurome says yes to as she starts eating. Chelsea tells Kurome she'll say a charm to make her feel better, which is when she drops her guise and jabs a needle into Kurome's neck. Chelsea lets Kurome fall to the ground as she says she won't be in pain anymore. Chelsea notes that Kurome's last words were 'big sis', but sees it as the karma of killing.

Transitioning to a flashback, it's revealed that Chelsea grew up in the country-side. She worked for a territorial governmental office where she dreamed of living a good life, but once she started working, she realized how disgusting her job was due to all the briberies and cruelty to humans and even became disgusted with herself. While desiring change, she came across Gaea Foundation in the treasure room, and was able to synch with it, something no one else was able to. With it, she killed the viceroy she worked for and brought reform to the governed territory with a better viceroy. When she realized this, she decided to join the Revolutionary Army to change the depraved world she lived in.

Back in the present, as Chelsea was walking away, she was suddenly shocked when Kurome got back up, telling her that the charm didn't work and now she's in a lot of pain. Chelsea wonders if she hit the right spot, only for Kurome to tell her that after Akame left, the Empire made a new drug that makes her body even stronger, even if it's strenuous. She tells Chelsea that if she wants her dead, she'll have to aim for the heart or decapitate her. Chelsea makes a smokscreen and attempts to flee. Just as she prepares to transform, her Teigu and four of her fingers on her left hand are shot and sliced off by the arrival of Natala and Doya. Kurome says she can't move and this may be it for her but based on Chelsea's dialouge after thinking she killed her, she deduces that she killed Bols, causing her to angrily demand her puppets to slice her to pieces.

Just as Chelsea makes it out of the forest, Natala appears in front of her and cuts off her right arm, while Doya shoots her in the back, causing her to fall onto the ground. As Natala stands above her with his hand on her throat, Chelsea realizes she will be the one receiving retribution for her actions. She sadly thinks about how badly she wanted to return to Night Raid and show her accomplishments, particularly to Tatsumi. It then starts to rain.

Tatsumi and Akame arrive at a nearby town with Tatsumi going to scout it, having noted blood and wondering if Chelsea got captured. As he moved through the town invisible, he thinks that perhaps she made it back without running into them and thinking she wouldn't be so reckless. He then notices a crowd looking up at something. When he looks up too, he falls to his knees and looks with complete horror as he sees Chelsea's head on a pole.

Night Raid: Seven members left.

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