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Kill the Curse (呪縛を斬る, Jubaku o Kiru) is chapter 32 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


As Death Tagool readies another blast of energy, Najenda activates Susanoo's Trump Card: "Magatama Manifestation". Magatama Manifestation increases Susanoo's physical strength by having Susanoo drain the life energy of Najenda, and if used three times, Najenda will die. Susanoo uses a special skill called "Yata no Kagami", which allows him to absorb the energy blast from Death Tagool and reflect it back at the puppet, damaging it. He then charges at it and cuts it in half before using "Ame no Mirakumo" to cut it in half horizontally, destroying the puppet. As the Death Tagool crumbles to pieces, Susanoo tells Najenda that they can take them down without anymore interruptions, to which Najenda agrees with.

Back with Esdeath's group, it's revealed that they group has been surrounded by thieves, which Esdeath deduces that they encounter with them was also part of Najenda's plan. The thieves prepare to fight the group with their numbers while commenting that they'll have fun with her afterwards. Esdeath notices Run acting weird but he brushes it off while noting that 'they' aren't here. Nevertheless, Esdeath tells the two of them to spare two or three for interrogation.

Meanwhile Wave, who was blown into a rock, notes that if it weren't for Grand Chariot, he would've died. He gets back onto his feet and tries to make his way to where Bols and Kurome are, wanting to back them up. He then quickly realizes he has no idea where he is now.

Tatsumi continues fighting with Natala while commenting that he's super powerful since he was part of the same assassination squad Akame was a part of. As Kurome watches, she notices Kaiser Frog acting strange. She looks at it and realizes Mine is trying to break free. Kurome then learns that when she killed the Kaiser Frog, she accidently made a hole in its stomach that caused its acid to leak out of its body, making the puppet pointless. Mine bursts through the Kaiser Frog, telling her that that was the worst experience she had ever had. A surprised Tatsumi asks her what was going on to which she yells at him to help her. Doya comes back and tries to shoot her but is stopped by Susanoo and Najenda, with Tatsumi telling Susanoo he's amazing. As Kurome strikes at Susanoo, Najenda notes that the less puppets Kurome has, the stronger she becomes, and tells her subordinates to be careful.

Akame and Leone charge at Bols and jump into the air, which shocks him because there's no where to run in the air. Leone throws Akame at him but Wall charges at her. She cuts off his leg to immobilize him and dodges another blast of fire from Bols. Leone goes for Bols since Wall can't move anymore only to be shot in the arm by a hidden lance kept in Wall's shield. Nevertheless, she bites down on Rubicante and rips the flamethrower off, much to his shock. Akame proceeds to slice up Wall to prevent any more interference.

Leone tells Bols that his Teigu is useless now, so he declares he's activating is Trump Card. He takes the large cylinder off his back while saying in his mind that he lied about this being his Trump Card. He throws the cylinder in the air and presses a button which causes it to explode; the resulting explosion completely obliterates Wall. 

After the explosion, Tatsumi notices that Kurome is gone, revealing that she escaped with Natala. She realizes the explosion came from Rubicante and laments that Bols is probably gone, so she should probably retreat. She then begins to act nervous while wondering if Akame is okay. It is revealed that Akame and Leone survived the explosion, but Leone passes out from her injuries much to Akame's worry.

Bols manages to get far away from area while noting that he did something bad to Wall and Kurome, though he hopes they're okay. He then thinks back to when Esdeath met with him, asking him why he always eats outside when the others are eating, to which he answers it's because he feels the sight of his face will soil the food. Esdeath, with her curiosity peaked, removes Bols' mask to see his face. After she sees it, she tells him there's nothing to worry about, and that they can all eat together.

In the present, Bols says he wants to eat with everyone again only to hear someone crying. He sees a little girl crying near a tree and goes over to her while also scaring her with his mask. He calms her down and notices she's injured on her leg so he patches her up, saying she'll be better now. The girl gives him a hug of gratitude, only to tell him the places he burned won't be better as she stabs him in the neck with a needle. The girl reveals to be Chelsea in disguise and she tells him that the girl she transformed into was from a village he burned under the suspect of aiding the Revolutionary Army, while also telling him that he probably didn't remember because he burned them all in bunches.

She walks away from him as he falls to the ground. He inwardly says that he always knew he would be punished for what he's done, but he tries to crawl his way back to his wife and daughter who are waiting for him. He dies with tears in his eyes while lamenting his inability to go back home.

Chelsea, who watches him die, says that fights between people who work in the background is repulsive. She uses her Teigu to transform into Bols, preparing to eliminate Kurome before she meets up with Esdeath.

Jaegers : Five remaining.

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