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Kill the Puppets (Part 2) (人形を斬る (後編), Ningyō o Kiru (Kōhen)) is chapter 31 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


Leone manages to stop the bleeding in her severed arm, which surprises Kurome. Leone tells her she'll make her regret angering a lion but Najenda stops her, telling her to help Akame before taking her on. Najenda says that she and Rokugou were ex-generals, and since he's not using a Teigu , she can take him. Leone accepts and tells Kurome she'll come for her later, to which she notes she may add her to her collection.

Akame continues her fight with Bols. She notes she can't get in close because of Wall, but hopes an opening will appear if she keeps moving. She successfully outmaneuvers Wall and strikes Bols, but he blocks it with a guard pad on his palm. He unleashes a blast of flames but she dodges while Wall kicks her back. Bols then asks Akame why she joined the Revolutionary Army, because if she stayed with the Empire, she would've been a heartening prescence. Akame thinks about the people she'd slain and tells him that it was the choice in her heart that she deemed the right path to walk. Bols thanks her for her easy to understand answer, but it's his job to to destroy her and her answer. Leone jumps in next to Akame, suggesting they make the fight a two-on-two. Akame notices her severed arm but Leone tells her not to mind, for they have to take him down and move to Kurome.

While Najenda fights Rokugou, she notes that her strength is about 40% since her injuries from Esdeath, but she can still move more than expected. Rokugou slams his whip on the ground, shattering it and causing Najenda to jump into the air to dodge. She tells the puppet that his fighting style is ingrained in her head from training. She launchs her prosthetic at the ground near Rokugou, which he dodges, but she reels herself close to him and decapitates him with a kick. Much to her shock, though, Rokugou gets back on his feet, causing Najenda to angrily scream at Kurome for how many people will be desecrated with her Teigu. She kicks Rokugou into the air and punches the puppet, blowing it to pieces.

Death Tagool fires at Susanoo, but it merely destroys his arm which he regenerates and commenting on both of their tencacity. Najenda tells Susanoo that even though it's body is rotting, it's still Ultra-Class, so the fight is no doubt tough. Susanoo then tells her that there is a protrusion on it's left shoulder which is bothering him, and that he got attacked while paying attention to it. A dumbfounded Najenda tells him that he can't say that after acting so cool in the color pages. Najenda says that unless they take out Kurome, casualties will only increase. She then gives permission to use Susanoo's Trump Card.

Tatsumi continues his fight with Apeman and Henter. He blocks another attack from him but gets blown away by Apeman. He notes that letting then co-operate is bad, but he can see through Apeman's attacks so he'll work on fighting him. Henter tries to attack but is stopped by a person from the Ban Tribe, who appears and tells him to not attack. Henter hesitates, recognizing the person as an ally, only to get stabbed in the forehead with a needle. The person is revealed to be Chelsea , who comments that the puppets can't think for themselves but their personalities and habits are still present. She tells him that she isn't one of the allies he lost as Tatsumi destroys his body.

Tatsumi thanks Chelsea for the support as she runs off to let him take care of Apeman. She mentally notes that plan was rather bold of her and that she won't be able to say that Sheele and Bulat were failures as killers. As she blushes while thinking about Tatsumi, she tells herself that she'll make him take responsibility for how she's feeling later. As she returns to hiding, she says she'll go for Kurome after she's done supporting her allies.

As Kurome eats her snacks, she ponders if Wave is alive after getting blown away, though she simply says that he's tough so he's most likely alive. She then notices that Henter has become immobilized like Rokugou, so she decides to attack again before her eighth unit moves.

Mine continues fighting Doya and defeats the puppet by knocking her over the cliffside while remarking her skill as a genius sniper. She then gets grabbed by a long tongue, as Kurome appears and presents her hidden unit: a Danger Beast called Kaiser Frog, which according to Kurome, can dissolved anything in its stomach. As Mine gets swallowed, Kurome tells Mine that she knows from Seryu about how Sheele was eaten by Koro, so this will be a fitting fate for her. Mine declares she won't die in a place like this as she gets completely swallowed, to which Kurome resolves to deal with everyone the way she just did with her.

Tatsumi then knocks Apeman over to Kurome, to which she notices it landing next to her. She gets it back up and it charges at Tatsumi, who tells her that her Teigu is disgusting because of how it makes the dead move again. He tells her he won't go easy on her because she's Akame's sister. He unleashes a flurry of punches onto Apeman before blowing its upper body off. Kurome tells Tatsumi that he's good, but Natala is stronger than Apeman as she prepares her puppet.

Back with Esdeath's group, Esdeath tells Seryu to not use up too much energy until they come across the enemy. Seryu asks Esdeath why she's paying so much attention to her, such as having them be in the same group. Esdeath tells her that according to Wave, she has a dangerous heart, so she's trying to have her act at her side whenver she can and look after her, which delights Seryu. Run asks Esdeath if he should search from above using his Teigu, but she tells him to save it because he can't use it for a long period of time. As they reach their destination, she realizes they haven't seen anyone and that their target was Kurome. She tells the two of them they head back and chase them down.

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