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Kill the Puppets (Part 1) (人形を斬る (前編), Ningyō o Kiru (Zenpen)) is chapter 30 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


Akame and Kurome clash, and Akame internally notes that Kurome's movements are slow because she's controlling eight corpses at once with her Teigu. Akame tries to strike her, but her attack is blocked by a puppet who Akame identifies as Natala. As she fights the puppet, she tells her sister to return him to the earth for he is a childhood friend of theirs. Kurome, who clashes her sword with her, tells her that it's because he's her childhood friend that she always wants to be with him, and she plans to add her to her collection so they can be together too, to which Akame rejects.

Kurome knocks Akame off the Death Tagool where Bols fires at her using his Teigu's Trump Card. Tatsumi successfully rescues her while reminding her to keep her cool, as Kurome isn't an enemy to defeat easily. Kurome notes the people Akame left her for and orders Death Tagool to destroy them, resulting in the puppet to fire a powerful shot of energy that the members of Night Raid dodge. Mine comments that the Death Tagool can be forged into a Teigu so she's not surprised at the power it has. Kurome notes Death Tagool changed the terrain but expected Night Raid to dodge it.

Meanwhile, Lubbock, who's on standby, feels the shock of the attack. In a flashback, it's revealed that Najenda put Lubbock on lookout with a barrier and to watch the skies while Chelsea provides support when the opportunity arises, as she's not fit for direct combat. He also remembers Najenda telling him that if they encounter Esdeath's group, he should hold them back using his Trump Card. She also told him that this is an important mission and she's prepared plans for any outcome, but she trusts his most flexible way of thinking. In the present, Lubbock notes that he will fulfill her expecations and perhaps confess his love for her afterwards, lest she be taken by Susanoo. He snaps himself back to his sense as the fight continues.

Najenda tells Susanoo they can fight Death Tagool together, but Susanoo insists he can take it himself as he deflects its attack, while telling her to focus on the other puppets. Mine tries to shoot Kurome again, but Natala's spear extends at Mine, causing her to dodge it as she wonders if it's a Teigu. She then gets attacked by a female puppet wielding guns, to which she fends her off. Tatsumi encounters a Danger Beast he has never seen before, just as he encounters another puppet, who tries to stab him with a knife, but Tatsumi blows him back with his spear. The puppet dodges his attack and stands on his spear, saying that he's inexperienced. The puppet tries to stab Tatsumi in the head, but his Teigu protects him, causing him to back off while saying he failed.

Akame decides to take out Bols so he doesn't hold them back with his Teigu. She gets behind him only for her blade to be blocked by another puppet, causing her to realize that Murasame won't work on corpse puppets. She gets knocked to the ground by the puppet and Leone, who momentarily dropped her guard in concern, gets her ankle caught and slammed into the cliffside by another puppet. She prepares to fight it only to be overwhelmed by the puppet's swift whip action even though she's transformed. 

Kurome introduces the puppets to her sister: Doya, who was an assassin sent from the Northern Tribes whose confident nature shows on her face though recalling her crying when she was killed. Wall, a famous guardsman who she killed because he was protecting a target of hers. Apeman, a Danger Beast that she can control easily because it's more brawn than brain. Henter, a survivor from the Ban Tribes who she said she had difficulty killing because he had swift movements, and is therefore proud to have him. Rokugou, a general from the Empire who was killed for attempting to betray them and join the Revolutionary Army. She also says she found Death Tagool hibernating in Seiga and she was lucky to kill it. She finishes by saying that Natala guards her when Yatsufusa is active. She also reveals there's another Danger Beast she made a puppet a while ago, but she's saving it for later, which leaves Tatsumi shocked.

He stabbes Apeman but it still stands to which Kurome reveals that since they're puppets, they can keep moving, as long as she's still standing, just as Apeman slams Tatsumi into the ground. Leone comments that even though Rokugou is strong, she has become adept to his fighting style and is ready to fight back. Najenda comes in and grabs Rokugou with her arm, pinning him to the ground. She tells the puppet that since she was an ex-colleague of his, she will free him from this control. Before Leone can step in, Kurome cuts her left arm off before she even realizes it. Kurome tells Leone to not take her eyes off her completely, because she'll take every opportunity to attack until she's dead, and comments that this fight may end earlier than she expected.

Meanwhile, in the forest, Chelsea comments that she is similar to Kurome in that she is waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

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