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Kill the Authority (権力を斬る, Kenryoku o Kiru) is chapter three of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


As part of his training with Akame, Tatsumi is now serving as a cook in Night Raid, much to his dismay. While complaining about this, Tatsumi realizes that Bulat, Mine, Lubbock and Sheele are off for a job. Akame then decides to head out for hunting, as the two of them heads to a waterfall in the mountains to fish for Koga Tuna. Witnessing Akame's prowess in catching the fish, Tatsumi fires himself up to do the same.

Back at the base, Najenda and Leone comments on Tatsumi only successfully captured two fish as Akame says that Tatsumi is not good enough yet. Najenda then ask Leone about the request she received few days back over two corrupted individuals, Gamal and Ogre, who were framing innocent people for crime they never conduct, Leone confirms that their targets Gamal and Ogre are guilty as Najenda affirms that they will receive the request to assassinate them. While the group were pondering whether they should wait for the group that left to return, Tatsumi intervenes saying that they should do it themselves, not wanting more people to die meaninglessly as Najenda appoints Tatsumi to assassinate Ogre.

Splitting into two groups, Akame and Leone goes to kill Gamal, easily disposing the latter while Tatsumi heads to face Ogre. Tatsumi pretending to be a failed applicant on joining the Imperial guard launches a sneak attack on Ogre which fails as an enraged Ogre attacks Tatsumi. After a brief fight, Tatsumi angered and disgusted by Ogre's way of doing stuff, disposed off Ogre after cutting off both of his hands before landing the finishing blows.

After finishing the mission, Tatsumi heads back to the base as Najenda congratulates him on the success of his first mission, as Tatsumi getting overconfident of himself boast his success to Akame who suddenly strips him much to Tatsumi's embarrassment. Having confirmed Tatsumi is uninjured, Akame congratulates him on his success of his first job as Leone and Najenda reveals that Akame was harsh on Tatsumi because she wanted him to survive. Apologizing for misunderstanding Akame, Najenda proceeds to reveal that Mine will be Tatsumi's next trainer.

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