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In Yaenami Village ( 八重波村にて, Yaenami-mura nite) is chapter two of the Hinowa ga Yuku! manga.


Akame is awake when Hinata and Tobari go sparring but end up at a loss for Hinata. Akame then asks where she is and Hinata tells her that she is on the island of Wakoku, much to her relief that she manages to reach her destination.

Taking a stroll around the town, Hinata and Tobari wish to know more about Akame since she is not from this island nor this country. Akame then has dinner with Hinata where her house was bustling with animals surrounding them.

Hinata then tells Akame that she lives by herself after her mother's demise on the battlefield. She herself started to work alone after she didn't get paid enough by the fisherman collective and she kept working, despite being harassed at all times while hoping to end the war. Akame then offers herself to train Hinata swordsmanship.

On the first sparring session, Hinata is defeated with a single strike on her forehead that even Akame praises her fighting style that was exactly by the book, but telling her that she can't defeat strong opponents alone like that.

Akame trains her personally for three days and, as a result of training, Hinata defeats Tobari in a sparring battle.

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