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Kill the Jaegers (イェーガーズを斬る, Iēgāzu o Kiru) is chapter 29 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


The Jaegers are seen riding out of the Captial on horseback. As several Revolutionary Army members observe from afar, they send a message via margue falcon to Night Raid. Najenda receives the message, noting how all six members of the Jaegers had mobilized. She deduces that they will arrive at the desired location at around noon tomorrow. She then looks to Akame and Mine and orders them to nonchalantly attract attention, to which the two of them agree.

Meanwhile, down in a lake, Lubbock is watching Leone and Chelsea playing in the water, commenting how nice it is to see them in their swimsuits. Tatsumi, who was standing next to him, reminds him to not distract himself, to which Lubbock insults that he's not appreciating what they see right now. Leone and Chelsea walk over to Tatsumi and ask him which swimsuit of the two is better, but he nervously turns to Susanoo commenting on his apperance to dodge the question. Lubbock jealously says that if they had asked him, he would've said he'd like both of them and jump into their boobs, which Leone says that she asked Tatsumi because she knew he'd do something like that. Mine looks down from the cliffside watching them and comments how noisy they are considering that those four aren't wanted, while Akame laments her inability to play with them. Mine asks Akame if she's thinking of her sister, to which she confirms. Mine cheers her up by saying that if she dies, she'll still have everyone else in Night Raid, which cheers Akame up.

The next day, the Jaegers have met up at a fountain, where Esdeath tells them that with Najenda spotted east and Akame south. Bols says that if you go east, you reach Kyoroch, where the Path of Peace's Headquarters resides, and if you head south, you'll find cities supporting the rebels, so the whole thing seems suspicious. Wave says that they can catch them, to which Esdeath points out that they were seen and tracked even though their wanted posters hadn't circulated to the local regions. Run mentions the convienence and Seryu adds they probably sought to lure them out of the Captial, which Esdeath confirms that it's something Najenda would do. Nevertheless, she tells her subordinates that they will prepare a trap for Night Raid, and destroy them. She sends Wave, Kurome, and Bols to trail Akame while Run, Seryu, and herself follow Najenda. She tells them to be mindful of their surroundings and to give it their all to destroy them, even if it means death.

As Wave, Kurome, and Bols make their way, Bols wonders if he can win against the strongest enemies of the Capital. Wave reassures him, telling him that when he fought Tatsumi, he felt he was evenly matched with him, despite him doing nothing but run. He tells Bols that his Teigu is suited for crowds, and having him makes him feel assured. Kurome questions that Wave is saying that because she feels he'll hold them back, much to his annoyance. Bols interrupts their fighting when they notice a scarecrow in the middle of the road. As the three of them walk carefully to it, Mine watches them from afar with her Teigu, noting how everything was going as Najenda planned. She aims at Kurome, briefly commenting on how similar she is to Akame, so she resolves to finish off Kurome for her. 

Mine shoots but Kurome easily dodges the shot, just as Susanoo charges out of the scarecrow. Wave blocks his attack to protect Kurome, but is sent flying far away and out of the fight. Najenda appears along with Akame, Leone, and Tatsumi in Incursio, saying that while they failed to snipe Kurome, they managed to blow away the only non-target of the group. Bols realizes that they were set up as Najenda tells the two of them that they are targets. Bols understands due to the people he's killed, but absolves to not die if it means returning to his family. Kurome tells Akame that she's glad to see her, because if she kills her, she can add her body to Yatsufusa's collection. She then activates it, summoning the body of an Ultra-class Danger Beast called Desta-Ghoul. Najenda notes that it would've been a gamble regarding her split forces, and if Yatsufasa is this powerful, then this trap is virtually worthless. Kurome says that this battle of Teigu wielders will start now, and wonders how many will die.

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