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Kill the Religious Organization (教団を斬る, Kyōdan o Kiru) is chapter 28 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


The chapter starts with Gebaze, the Head of Public Finace, watching over the people of the Empire struggling to survive, comparing them to pigs whose tax money he spends on alcohol fit only for exploiting. In comes one of his servants perparing to give him a massage, to which Gebaze asks for the full-body massage. The servant then pulls out a needle from her mouth and jabs it into Gebaze's neck, killing him. The servant is then revealed to be Chelsea, who was in disguise thanks to her TeiguGaia Foundation, as she wonders what kind of massage he wanted. Chelsea then hears noise from the first floor as she prepares to transform again. In come Wave and Kurome of the Jaegers, where Wave says that they heard rumors that Night Raid would visit the house. Just as they come in though, they find Gebaze dead.

Back at the Hideout, Chelsea was telling Mine that the job was apparently a trap. Mine comments that she seemed pretty tough to get out of that situation, to which Chelsea tells her that Gebaze had a few pets that she disguised herself as. Mine admits she probably would've struggled to get out of that situation herself and how useful Gaea Foundation is. Chelsea adds that Mine is wanted in the Capital and for her to leave all the espionage to her. At first, Mine seemed grateful for the apparent camraderie only to be infuriated when Chelsea tells her to watch over the hideout as her substitute, to which Tatsumi comments that Chelsea and Mine's interactions were similar to when he met Mine.

As the two of them continued to fight, Akame states that the Jaegers seem to be aiming for solely Night Raid now that all the new Danger Beasts are gone. Leone teasingly says they should give Tatsumi to them since he was 'vacationing in the south', to which Tatsumi yells that he was sent there against his will. Lubbock becomes annoyed that Tatsumi was alone on an island with a beautiful woman like Esdeath and why he didn't just desert her. Najenda comes out and states that Esdeath would've figured her own way out by herself and that it was good for Tatsumi to clear up any debts so he can fight her at his full strength. Tatsumi then asks how old Najenda is to which she tells him she's in her mid-twenties while Esdeath is younger. Tatsumi's surprise at her youth causes her to hit him while she tells everyone to be ready for an important meeting. Akame tells Tatsumi it was rude to ask that about Najenda only for him to remind her of how she mentioned Leone's weight before. Just then, Susanoo comes in with the food, much to Akame's pleasure.

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of the Empire, Seryu Ubiquitous confronts a trio of bandits claiming not to be Night Raid who were only stealing because they couldn't find any food. Seryu, nevertheless, has Koro devour two of them for their crimes. The last bandit claims that she was being threatened to help them and to ask for a proper verdict. Seryu, instead pulls out one of her weapons from Koro, delcaring that she still sinned and will administer justice herself.

Wave catches up to Seryu asking about the bandits, to which she tells them they're gone. He notices blood on Koro's mouth and stops her, telling her that even though they have special privileges, they can't just massacre people on their own terms. He is left disturbed when she smiles at him and tells him that while they weren't Night Raid, she wanted to destroy them because they were evil.

As she walks away from him, Wave comments to himself how awful the Empire is for Seryu to be so warped. He nonetheless continues on his duty as a soldier.

Back with Night Raid, Najenda brings up a religion being spread throughout the citizens called the Path of Peace, which Chelsea says is the belief that doing good deeds will lead to happiness and longevity. Tatsumi adds that the statue he brought from the village came from that religion. Najenda says that over the past ten years, the Path of Peace had been increasing their adherents and becoming very influential on the eastern side of the Empire. Once they start a religious insurrection, Night Raid will use it for themselves. Tatsumi asks if this insurrection will result in lost lives and that maybe they should stop that instead. Najenda tells him that even if they did, the citizen's anger at all the corruption will expode somewhere else, and the country is coming close to its end, to which Tatsumi realizes no casualties can be avoided.

Lubbock speaks up mentioning the Hero from the North and the Ban Tribe revolt that was quashed by Esdeath and that the reason they failed was because they tried to do it themselves, and the Path of Peace will suffer the same fate. Najenda says that's when the Path of Peace and an allied tribe attack the Empire on two fronts, the Revolutionary Army will attack to overthrow the Empire.

Najenda adds that the Empire is underestimating the Revolutionary Army , which she says they're grateful for since they're gathering all of it in one place, and they can take a shortcut through several forts and castles with several crown princes who were demoted helping them. She also mentions that Budo, and his Imperial guards, will most likely intercept, but that also means palace security will drop, which Akame says is the perfect opportunity to assassinate the Prime Minister. Lubbock comments that sly bastards like him would try to escape, but Leone confirms they won't let him do so.

Najenda says that in return for the Western territory's help, they will restore their original territory, which she tells Tatsumi is their dearest wish, and reminding him of Mine's childhood. Najenda adds that once the Empire falls and the bad laws disappear, the anger of the people will go too, and if they continue towards this plan, there won't be much bloodshed. She asks Tatsumi if he's satisfied, to which he confirms.

Susanoo speaks up saying that if the plans are made, the reason why they haven't executed them yet is because of the job they have, to which Najenda praises him for his intuition much to Lubbock's jealousy. Najenda reveals that there is a situation with the Path of Peace.

Meanwhile, at the headquarters of the Path of Peace, The Lord speaks to his followers about the hardships they've endured, reassuring them that if they continue to do good deeds, they will be rewarded. One person asks him if it will all be in vain if they die, to which he says that if one dies, their soul will reside happily in God's Land. He mentions a man named Joahim, who died protecting his younger brother from a wild beast, and that he will never forget him. He also mentions a man named Rakul, who was a fisherman with strong morals, much to his wife's joy. The Lord tells his followers that their names will live on forever, resulting in thunderous cheering.

Najenda tells the group that while The Lord is very charismatic, his trusted assistant Bolic is actually a spy for the Minister, who's goal is to kill The Lord and take over the Path of Peace himself to stop the uprising. Tatsumi asks if she can send information to them about it, to which she says there's a group who side with Bolic and possess the backing of the Empire, to which Chelsea comments is the most repulsive thing about the Minister.

Najenda reveals that the mission is to kill Bolic, especially as it turns out he drugs his adherents and uses them as playthings. Lubbock and Susanoo express immense rage at this fact, Lubbock for the idea of him toying with woman and Susanoo for contaminating food, to which Najenda says they're a little off about what to be angry with. Leone adds that they can't let those people be addicted anymore.

To finish off the meeting, Najenda says that the Jaegers are trying to hunt them down with all their strength, and if they aren't careful, they'll get caught, so she proposes they go to war with them by luring them outside the Capital. She also says they have a request from Headquarters to kill Kurome and Bols. Tatsumi understands killing Kurome, but when he questions Bols, Chelsea tells him that Bols' Corp burned down a village supporting the Revolutionary Army, and because he is quite strong. Najenda says that as long as they are lead by Esdeath, they are the Minister's private army, and asks Tatsumi if he can fight them after getting acquainted with them.

Tatsumi thinks about Wave, whose name he didn't see as a target, so there's no reason to fight him, but he understands he'd go all out on them for the sake of his friends. Tatsumi also accepts himself as an assassin, and says that he'll fight at his full strength against those not targeted, to which pleases the group. Chelsea, in particular, mentions that she can feel his resolve and him pitiying the enemy won't likely happen. She also realizes she keeps looking at him while blushing, to which she says she can't leave him alone.

A few days later, Run approaches Esdeath, who was looking at the picture of Tatsumi she drew, and reports that two people resembling Akame and Mine were spotted near the eastern Romari main road, to which she tells him to gather the others.

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