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Kill the Newcomers (新入りを斬る, Shiniri wo Kiru) is chapter 23 of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


Susanoo and Akame are seen on a boat, fishing for dinner. They caught a gigantic fish, which Susanoo had killed. Everyone in Night Raid complimented on his cooking and Tatsumi asked him if he could train with him. Then Najenda started talking about the past about Susanoo and her saying that he answered to her call because of her charisma but Susanoo denied it by saying she looked exactly like his old master. Najenda thought that the master was a female but to her dismay and shock, the owner was actually a man. Both Tatsumi and Leone were hit on the head by her for laughing at the comment.

Lubbock gets jealous because everyone was attached to Susanoo more, which Mine replies by saying that he have always held his current gag position. The door then opens to reveal a cat, something that Mine noticed. The cat started to soften up to her and she tried to not give in to the cuteness but it failed. Taking this chance, the cat leaped up and took the cake that was in Mine's hand and transformed into Chelsea. Mine, who didn't know about Chelsea's teigu, shouted at her for stealing the cake. Lubbock asks her about her teigu, Gaea Foundation. Mine is then pissed off at Chelsea's teasing.

Later on, Tatsumi and Leone are seen battling against monsters. Tatsumi is able to control his teigu (Bulat's teigu) much better, Leone stating that he's getting closer to Bulat. She was then able to kill the leader of the dragon looking monsters.

Najenda asks Chelsea how the team was, after being with them for a whole month. Chelsea replies with them being stronger than the last team she was in. Tatsumi and Mine were happy at first but as soon as Chelsea mentioned the recently deceased members of the group (Sheele and Bulat), the two were offended by her insult. 

In the night, Tatsumi, Mine and Lubbock sat by the campfire and discussed about a plan to make Chelsea lose because of her insult of Bulat and Sheele. After Mine left, saying that the two boys should come up with a plan, Lubbock made some kind of lewd plan. It then appeared with Chelsea in the hot spring, taking a dip in the water. Tatsumi was behind a rock, in stealth mode. It was Lubbock's plan, to sneak up on Chelsea and put a bucket over her head from behind her back to surprise her. Tatsumi felt kind of upset that Lubbock wasn't going with him, but Lubbock told him that he'd let Tatsumi do it, though in his head he thought that it would save him trouble if Tatsumi got Chelsea mad for sneaking a peak. 

Taking a deep breath, Tatsumi took a bucket and creeped over to Chelsea only to find Susanoo in the water. He was shocked and then Susanoo told him that he'd die in a real life situation because of his presence, even though he was in stealth mode. Then Susanoo transformed into Chelsea, who chopped Tatsumi lightly on the head, telling him it was her all along. Tatsumi was deeply shocked for letting himself be fooled and surrendered in defeat. Chelsea was then caught off guard with Tatsumi saying how accurate she was about his presence. It was then that Chelsea told him about how she found her past team members all dead, then she said she didn't want the same thing happening to Night Raid. Tatsumi gave a smile at the thought of her caring and thinking about the team. When Chelsea turned to Tatsumi, she found him grinning at her and she blushed at what he said. Chelsea made an excuse up then threatened Tatsumi about the next time she finds him peaking.

The next day, Esdeath and Run were walking around Capital looking for Tatsumi. Run told her that he could get someone to replace Tatsumi but Esdeath said that there was only one Tatsumi in the world, not accepting another man, which insinuates that she is deeply in love with Tatsumi. 

Near the end of the chapter, miners were shocked to find a danger beast in the underground mine. They all screamed and ran but some were unfortunate and had their lives taken by being eaten up. A mysterious man stood in the middle of the action and grinned at the scene.

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