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The Foot Soldier is chapter 20 of the Hinowa ga Yuku! manga.


Saiha launches the first attack, but Hinata dodges and lands a counterattack on her. Saiha immediately recognizes that Hinata is a fisherman, but stating that she cant' be beaten while in the sea. Suddenly, a shark danger beast devours Hinata alive but as Saiha thought Hinata was already consumed, Hinata manages to break free with slight injuries and kills it. Utilizing Tobari's move, she manages to injure Saiha and eventually, able to subdue her inside the sea.

When her subordinates are worrying about Hinata after clearing out the pirates, Tobari assure them that she will be fine. Akame then points to where Hinata emerges from the water, carrying Saiha as a prisoner. Akame tends to her wound while Maruge advises her to stay on the backline.

On the shoreline, Hisame's unit manages to secure the beachhead and advances forward to eliminate the remaining survivor. Hinata's unit later joins as the Soukai soldiers comment about them, including Akame where they state that she is a dangerous foot soldier.

Later, Kobu's group manage to reach the escape area and immediately engage any pirates that are attempting to escape. Caught off guard while checking the surroundings, Kobu gets stabbed in the back by a dying pirate. Ultimately, the invasion was successful as Soukai's soldiers are cleaning up any stragglers inside the fort.

Meanwhile, at Moegi's Estate on Tenrou Nation, Yomihime reminds Moegi to not to fantasy about her doing what she always likes. She then turns into a more serious business about the next target if Lord Akugetsu's plan succeed. Moegi answers that the next target will be again, Soukai Nation. Moegi's instinct tells that the King only sets his eyes on the sea while he may never expect that there is a starving wolf waiting outside his door.

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