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Kill the Country (国を斬る, Kuni o Kiru) is chapter two of the Akame ga Kill! manga.


A flashback of Tatsumi, Sayo and Ieyasu appeared with the three of them declaring that they'd save their village. Then the present came, with Tatsumi looking down at his two friends' graves. At that moment, Leone appears, asking him if he has made a decision on whether to join Night Raid or not. She then insists - more like forces - on showing him around the hideout.

The first person the two meet up within the hideout is Sheele, who was reading a book that says 100 ways to fix airheadedness. Leone asks her to say some warm words to him, but instead, she said a threatening sentence. At that moment, Mine barges in and exclaims why Leone had let Tatsumi in the hideout. She responds with Tatsumi being apart of the team, which Mine counters with Tatsumi having to have the boss' (Najenda) approval. She also states that Tatsumi is not qualified to work with professionals like them, judging from the way he looks. Tatsumi finds that insulting and calls her a punk, which she ignores.

Then Leone shows Tatsumi the training grounds where they find Bulat. At first, he doesn't know who the man with the spear is, but when Bulat tells him that he was the armored guy, Tatsumi understands. They shake hands. Leone then tells Tatsumi that Bulat is gay, to which Bulat tells her that Tatsumi would misunderstand. But Tatsumi was freaking out since Bulat didn't deny that he was a homo.

Then it appears with Lubbock hiding by the bushes, hoping to see Leone naked at the hot spring. He was then caught by Leone and was threatened to have his fingers and arm broken. She then introduces Lubbock to Tatsumi. Straight after, the two head to the riverbed where Akame is.

Once they arrive, Tatsumi is shocked to see that Akame had caught an Evil Bird and was eating it. Akame gives Leone a piece of the meat, but didn't for Tatsumi because he wasn't one of them yet. And surprising both Leone and Tatsumi, they find that Najenda is there, too. Leone is punished for going over the operation by Najenda. She then asks who Tatsumi is and Leone responds with her recommending her to accept him into the group.

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