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The Tenrou Nation ( 天狼国, Tenrōkoku) is chapter 18 of the Hinowa ga Yuku! manga.


The Tenrou Nation, situated in the center of Wakoku, currently at the peak of its prosperity with fertile fields and river for water transportation. Gundari, North Army Commander, arrives first at Tenrou, commenting on how impassionate the King is while telling the people to get back to work instead of worshipping him. Later, he met both Nahashu and Yomihime, who are leading the Guerrilla forces and Western Front.

Three of them have a brief exchange before Amateru, Commander of the Eastern Front, appears with the heads of Kinkaku and Gunkaku, Commander Brothers from Murasame Nation that she shown to them. Gundari hands the handkerchief to her when they mention about Kyoukotsu. Mizuchi, the Bodyguard of the King.

Inside the palace, Mizuchi, Bodyguard Unit of Tenrou welcomes them but he berates Yomihime for her failure twice in a row of invading Soukai. Akugetsu, the strategist, however, defends Yomihime, knowing that she made a wise decision to retreat while Kyoukostu fell into enemy's provocation. While some defend Kyoukotsu, Nahashu, on the other hand, provokes Mizuchi that had Kyoukotsu succed, Mizuchi will be surely replaced by Kyoukotsu much to his irritation.

Before the feud escalates, Shamon, Diplomat Priest of Ten Stars stops them. They commend him on how he was be able to make an alliance with Raika Nation with his sweet talk. Of course, the souvenir from Raika nation doesn't affect Nahashu much since he already know about it while Mizuchi reminds him to regain his lost memories.

While all of them are gathered, Moegi has yet to arrive and Kururiya, Ninja Commander already sent a messenger to check on her much to Mizuchi's surprise. While Moegi is enjoying herself with her men, Kururiya's messenger arrive to remind her of the Ten Stars of Tenrou's meeting.

Later, all of them are present, except for Magatsu, who went absent after receiving special permission from the King of Tenrou. The castle staff soon make a preparation to welcome King of Tenrou, Zuou carrying Kamikiri. He start to remove its heart carefully since the blood will splatter and the potency can be decreased. The flesh itself was told to prevent diseases as the Ten Stars are eating it. Akugetsu already devises the plan, but Zuou wants to postpone it until they finish eating.

After they are done eating, Mizuchi gave a briefing of the current situation. Two out of the 22 countries have fallen to Tenrou while they're at war with Sankai and Murasame. The Soukai, Saryuu, Kuroshio, bakufu, Suiran and Houju nations remain a threat for them. The alliance between Sankai and Murasame was a menace, however, and Amaterasu and Gundari were able to keep them at bay. Zuou plans to give them an epither, Demonic Gundari and Godly Amaterasu, but she refuses such entitlement.

Recently, Suiran, Houji and Bakufu are having multiple skirmishes, prompting Tenrou to stay alert of their movements. After Yomihime gave her opinion about the recent defeat with Soukai, Akugetsu concludes that they are unable to invade all of them at any moment. He then makes a plan to use Tenrou's wealth to overthrow surrounding countries by destroying the neighboring countries' economy from inside out and invade them after that.

Zuou plans to dispatch Kururiya and Kururiya is aware that Houju and Soukai's commanders are prepared for Tenrou's scheme. He reminds Kururiya that the moment they show an opening, he wants their countries destroyed. The four cardinal armies will be also deployed to defeat the enemy. While the Tenrou holds a meeting, Soukai were also taking a new steps to conquer territory with Hinata's unit on preparation for battle.

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